A Few More

For Darkness Shows the Stars… if you cannot tell, I LOVED this book with everything in me. In a month where I’ve been reading mostly mediocre stories, where I have been left feeling frustrated by my current books, this book just soared straight into my heart. It made me happy. And guys, this is a STANDALONE! You’re going to get one complete, fully formed story in this book. No waiting and drawing it out. Just utter magic contained in the pages.” – YA Librarian

“This is one of my favorite retellings. Readers should not go into this expecting a story that follows the Persuasion formula to the letter, but since For Darkness Shows the Stars is set in a post-apocalyptic society where new advancements are frowned upon, things are bound to go off script. And they do, in the best way. I liked this for being an homage but also for being incredibly original at the same time.” – Janicu at specficromantic

And, with any luck, I’m going to have something super special to announce soon!

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