And now…the cover of Tap & Gown

Given that people have been alerting me to the fact that this baby is up on Amazon for a few days now (where the colors are ALL OFF), I guess I can show it here as well…

Top secret societies…bizarre initiation rites…campus love triangles…political shenanigans…Diana Peterfreund has dazzled readers and critics alike with her Ivy league novels, hailed as “impossible to put down”* and “witty and endearing”** In this final installment, Eli University senior Amy “Bugaboo” Haskel and her fellow Diggers are preparing to face real life in worlds far beyond the hallowed halls of Eli.

For Amy the countdown to graduation has begun, and suddenly the perfect ending to a perfectly iconoclastic Eli career is slipping from her grasp. Her new boyfriend’s been made an offer he just can’t refuse. Her fellowship applications haven’t even been filed. And the student she’s chosen to take her place in Rose & Grave – the country’s more powerful and notorious secret society – seems to come complete with a secret life already intact.

Lunging toward the finish line, Amy finds trouble around every corner, from society intrigues nad unlikely stalkers to former flames and mandatory science credits. Surely it couldn’t get worse…until Initiation Night explodes into a terrifying scene and into a last test of wits for a young woman just trying to make it out of the Ivy League in one piece.

* Publisher’s Weekly

** New York Observer

Things I Love about this Cover:

  • The Ampersand. I admit I wasn’t truly sold on the title until I saw the ampersand in the brand new title treatment!
  • The pin! It’s back! (I designed these pins myself, so I’m glad they keep incorporating them into the covers.)
  • The color scheme. (Someone has been visiting my website!)
  • How confident and adult Amy looks in this one.

Secret Trivia About the Cover:

  • The model’s hair was originally more blonde, and was darkened in Photoshop.
  • The model was originally wearing a huge honking diamond engagement ring, but my editor very wisely realized that might cause some undue speculation (especially given who Amy is dating, their relationship status, and his monetary situation).
  • I wrote Amy’s graduation outfit in the book to match the cover.

In related Secret Society Girl news, I caught this guest blog by Angie of Angieville over at the Booksmugglers, in which she presents a Bard Award to Poe in Rites of Spring (Break) for “Best Performance of an Antihero in a Leading Role.” Of said performance, she writes:

“He’s just so snippy and awkward and fun to hate. I love him so very, very much.”

Hee hee.

Angie then put Tap & Gown on her list of “2009 Must Be Mine” books. Woo hoo! (Angie, there shall be much more Poe.)

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18 Responses to And now…the cover of Tap & Gown

  1. Liza says:

    I really like the cover! I haven’t been on Amazon to see it, so this was my first look. BTW, Tap & Gown is on my list of 2009 must be mine books too.

  2. Carrie Ryan says:

    Love love LOVE this cover!! I’m a huge fan of the ampersand as well!

  3. Gina Black says:

    Congrats Diana! That is a very nice cover indeed. (And I also love ampersands.)

  4. Diana! It’s my favorite cover for the series! 🙂 Love it!

  5. Katie says:

    Oh, that’s gorgeous! And the summary! Are you sure I can’t read it right now??

  6. dulce says:

    ikea huh??

    N-E Ways i totally SQUEEEEEEEEED when i saw the cover!!!!!! its so gorgeous!!! and I WANT THAT PIN!!!!!!

    so…. sneak peek anytime soon??

    Happy New Years!!!!!

  7. Alexa says:

    The cover is fantastic and the summary sounds so good. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!


  8. Robin says:

    Perfect cover! And I absolutely cannot wait to read it!! Congratulations!

  9. Tis the best cover of the series. Congratulations!

  10. PurpleRanger says:

    If I haven’t said it before, I love the R&G pin. I want one of my own.

  11. PurpleRanger says:

    Let’s face it, there really wasn’t anyplace they could use the pin on the cover of RITES OF SPRING (BREAK).

  12. Tiff says:

    Add me to the list of people who loves this cover. It’s gorgeous. I love all the things you love about the cover…the ampersand and the colours in particular. My only qualm about it is that it doesn’t really “match” the other three that I have, with the title on top in white lettering on a coloured band, and the faceless girl. Was that a conscious choice? I’m just curious.

    I also want one of those pins. =p

    My biggest question (that I’m shocked no one has asked yet, and I’m sure Diana won’t answer) is why the model was originally wearing a huge diamond ring in the first place. Who decided that she should wear that in the shoot?

  13. ILuvLA says:

    OK, I’ll be picky. I don’t like the fly-away strands of hair, particularly because the sunlight picks them out and makes them a focal point of the cover.

    Speaking of hair, isn’t Amy’s hair a lot shorter than this?

    Oh, and like Tiff, I like it when my series books all have the same series “look.” Am I being too obsessive again?

  14. Vicki says:

    I love the cover! Couldn’t get on yesterday to tell you, but wow, and of course it’s on my 2009 list. 🙂

  15. Angie says:

    More Poe…happy New Year to me!

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  17. Tamy says:

    OMG! I just need a pin like that! Is there some place where we can buy it?

    This is lovely! OMG OMG OMG!