Are you reading the Spoiler Thread?

Are you reading the ongoing discussion about Rites of Spring (Break)? If not, you’re missing the debate about:

  • Who was Poe’s tap?
  • What actor should be cast in the movie/TV version of the books?
  • What kind of underwear do the characters wear? Does George go commando?

And many many more!

I love participating in this thread. It’s so great to see how many different takes readers have on the books. How they see the characters, what draws them in. Sometimes, they pick up on aspects of the story I had no idea was there! (I now understand when I see Harry Potter fanfic with unlikely romantic pairings.)

In other news, I couldn’t stop thinking about the topic from yesterday, perfect guys/girls and their place in story. I think we may have only scratched the surface in the ensuing discussion, and I look forward to continuing it.

In other, other news, Rio has experienced a religious conversion:

She has been going after this toy every time we walk into our local pet store, and finally, I realized that it must be a mandate from the divine. So now we’re a family of mixed faith. It’s cool. (She has to give up the pig ears, though!) We’re going to change her name to Nahar* and just roll with it.


* I thought Rivka would be cute, but SB says it should be Hebrew for River.

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7 Responses to Are you reading the Spoiler Thread?

  1. Rhiannon says:

    you’ll have to give her kosher dog food!

  2. Gina Black says:

    I vote for Rivka. You can’t be too literal about these things.

  3. Diana says:

    I also think she kinda looks like a Rivka.

    Kosher dog food! Awwww!

  4. Bill Clark says:

    Y’know, Diana, it looks to me like there’s a white cross on Rio’s chest, kinda like a crusader’s. Is it possible she’s attempting to bridge the gaps between the world’s religions? If her next pick is a crescent moon-shaped toy, that should settle the matter. 🙂

  5. Diana says:

    Bill, a friend of mine noticed the white cross the other day and said we should have named her Joan of Arc.

  6. If anyone can bridge the gap, it’s a dog. 😉

  7. C.L. Wilson says:

    Ooooohhh, she’s soo cute! Now I want a puppy!

    And lol on the religious conversion. Too funny.