Ascendant Spoiler Thread

Yesterday I had my first mommy playgroup. And then the whole family went for a walk. And then we hung bird feeders in the backyard. I’m feeling downright suburban, y’all.

For any newcomers to the site, it’s traditional for me to post a spoiler thread for readers to discuss/debate/argue/or ask questions about elements in the novel. From time to time, I might drop by and comment as well. So here’s one for ASCENDANT, albeit a month late.

This is the place to talk about how strange you found it when they discovered that the real secret weapon to unicorn hunting was employing a special breed of gopher*, or how Phil invented that exploding volleyball unicorn bomb**, or how the secret to the Remedy was actually Nutella gelato***.


* Native to Macedonia, natch.
** Patent pending.
*** Delicious and nutritious!

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  2. Alana Abbott says:

    Hey Diana — I’ve been way behind on reading author blogs lately, but I saw on twitter today that you’re a new mommy and wanted to wish you a congratulations! Looks like both your mommy life and your writing life are rocktastic, and I’m tremendously happy for you. 🙂

  3. Tiff says:


    Ok, can I just say…Brandt is an actaeon?! The side effect of the Remedy is that it makes you feel unicorn hunters? The Remedy comes from the the magical taking of a unicorn hunter’s virginity?

    The Brandt thing was the biggest revelation for me. I had kind of figured out that the Remedy probably needed something really magical. But the whole idea that actaeons become actaeons through the Remedy…that’s just wild. And impressive. =)

    Too bad Isabeau had such bad priorities…it was nice to see Astrid treated well for a short time. The poor girl…I was near tears when she got injured and she broke up with Giovanni. What a mess.

    Re: Astrid and brain damage and bringing the vials of the Remedy to the girls…wow. That girl is a friggin’ hero. And more lucid brain-damaged than her mother is normally. Grr. I hope Angel grows up and gores Lilith. I’m so ready for her to be written out.

    Final thoughts (for now at least): MORE BUCEPHALUS.

  4. Emilia Argon says:

    OMG loved the sequel, even though it took me forever to finish it cause I was so busy, I will now go cry in joy and have great debates with my friend, whom I borrowed it to before I actually read it, about how exactly an Actaeon gets the remedy of a hunter, which may turn incredibly awkward.
    Anyways, besides the whole how the heck does that work thing, this book was pretty kick butt, like this would make an awesome movie, and once you start telling people how awesome Killer unicorns are, they actually believe you.
    And I love WEN!!! She rocks, and flayer is adorable, reminds me of my cat, only even more vicious. I totally bought Z v. U just to read your story.
    And I think I have a sicko obsession with characters who are mentally unstable, and the whole Astrid fog thing was sweet(ly awesome).
    I was also creeped out by Cory and Val. Like okay, you were together for like what 2 months and she barely speaks english and now your Lesbians? My friend also did not get this.
    Please Please kill Lillith soon, she annoys the crap out of me and needs to be impaled by something. Also the Bucephalus dreams were creepy, and there should be another book, and it should be entirely about him, and how awesome he is. You can call it: Bucephalus: He who Breakfasted on the Stable Boy. Sounds awesome, I would totally buy it. Please write another book, because 1. Lillith must die. 2. BUCEPHALUS! 3. Giovanni would not just be gone and never come back, and 4. We must explore Astrid’s subconscious some more because it is creepy and dark in there, and what odds and ends we could potentially find.
    And Clothilde needs like a whole book, cause she’s awesome like that.
    And Astrid has eyes like here Great x100 granddaddy Alexander. OMG!

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  6. Emilia Argon says:

    Ooh! and I also wanted you to know you have a DA fanclub…which consists of 6 people at the moment. But there is lotsa cool fanart on our page!

  7. Rachel says:

    Loved both books just saying- but there’s something that’s been confusing me for a while. Maybe because I read the first one last year and the second one just now.

    Before the whole brain damage thing- Astrid had blond hair and blue eyes, didn’t she? And then after… she has black hair and really really blue eyes? I’m not too sure if I got that right or not.

  8. Diana says:

    Hi, Rachel — no, she still has blonde hair. It’s just buzzed really short now because they had to sew up her head. And her eye color has changed as a result of her injury. Now her eyes are two different colors– black and blue — and the black makes a shape like a crescent in each iris.

    Here’s an example of what that would look like:×626.jpg

  9. Jessica says:

    like it hopefully another boook aftr ascendant

  10. Arooj H says:

    I was also really surprised about Brandt being a actaeon. And I nearly died when Astrid got hurt and had brain damage! I also want to know what’s going on with Cory and her powers disappearing. The ending was just so…gah! I can’t believe that’s how it ended!

    So after searching around, I see no news of book 3. Is there even one? Please say yes. Please.

  11. Emilia Argon says:

    I know this is really random. But it’s pretty funny. And it’s about unicorns…

    I want me some of that BBQ sauce

  12. Cassie says:

    I just read Ascendant and I loved it. I keep reading reviews that say it moved too slow and its making me mad. Personally, I couldn’t put the book down. I mean on page two we find out there is something potentially wrong with Cory. And in the second chapter Astrid and G break up! (not to mention the getting back together in chapter 3.) My only problem with the book is, THERE HAS TO BE A SEQUEL!

    Anyway. Bryant. Everyone keeps saying they were surprised. I really hated him and wasn’t at all surprised that he was an acaeton. That is just the kind of thing a slime-ball like him would do. The only thing that surprised me is how Astrid let him kiss her! And that was before the brain damage! Oh and the brain damage! Sadly, I loved that part. Is there something wrong with me? Oh and BUCEPHALUS! I miss him! He needs to come back. And Lilith. The only time I liked her was when she thought Astrid was dead. Isabeau (love that name btw). I knew there was something wrong with her. That story line didn’t even turn out as bad as I thought it would. And Giovanni. Love him. If he doesn’t come back I’ll cry. A little. When no ones looking.

    So, summary. Ascendant? Win. Bucephalus? Yes. Giovanni? Love. Sequel? Needed.

  13. Levina says:

    Alllrriiight. So: first of all, thanks to Diana for leading me to the questions-about-sequels page. Second of all: The Anti-Spam Word is “einhorn!” awesome! firsttime the security word actually had something to do with the page!
    AAnnnd now:
    Questions left to answer after the end of Ascendant:
    1. What happened to Seth? Where is he, anyway?
    2. Why did Cory lose her powers?
    3. What becomes of Isabeau?
    4. What becomes of Bucephalus?
    5. What will Phil and Neil do about their feelings for each other? (I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this before)
    6. Will Astrid ever hunt again? How does her mental condition turn out?
    7. What does Astrid decide to do about her virginity?
    8. Will any of the girls ever get to return to a normal life at the end? Will Astrid ever get to fufill her dream of being a doctor?
    9. Does Phil ever get unicorns declared as an endangered species?
    10. Will Giovanni and Astrid ever make up again, or is Giovanni gone forever?
    ~Just thought I’d get readers thinking. And maybe remind Diana a bit when she gets around to writing the sequel.

  14. Levina says:

    Forgot one:

    11. What do the Cloisters decide to do about the secret to the Remedy?

    ~happy writing, Diana.

  15. ugg says:

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  16. Kate & Zena says:

    Okay, I’m almost done reading this book (and I’m now completely hooked on the idea of killer unicorns). I have to say I love Lilith as a villain because if there was ever a woman who would try to make the Remedy, that would be how they would go about it (hate to say it, but that is EXACTLY how we would do it.) Men are very straight forward while women tend to keep things undercover and we don’t exactly reveal how we do things. We definitely tend to steer the conversation away from a critical piece of information if we’re up to something!

    I was more curious about something Lilith said in French that I wanted checked, so if anyone is fluent in French (or knows more French than I do), can you double check my translation? Lilith tells Astrid, “Tu te sens bien dans ta peau,” when they are shopping in Limoges for party dresses. I interpreted it as meaning, “You should feel good (or beautiful) in your own skin,” or, “Feel good in your own skin.”

    Are these accurate? I was checking around, and I couldn’t really get an answer! (What I really need is a French teacher, or a French friend, on speed dial!) I know some French, but not enough apparently!

  17. Diana says:

    Hey, Kate % Zena,

    That is what it means. Feel comfortable in your own skin. For the French, I had both a native French speaker and a French teacher (who happened to be married to each other) check all my French.

    Thanks for reading!


  18. Kate & Zena says:

    Thanks, Diana!

  19. Emma says:

    My anti-spam word was ‘karkadann.’ How cool is that? So, I’m rounding the final bend of Ascendant. I have to be the voice of dissent here and say that Giovanni bored me half to death (no pun intended). He’s a nice guy, but let’s face it: good heart = bad plot. 90% of the time, anyway.

    Cheers for bringing in some lesbian love. I totally caught the hints with Cory… I mean, she had a little bit more than a friend crush on Astrid, don’t you think? Also, who better for a hunter to share love with than another hunter? And are they still virgins if they make love? More importantly, will Isabeau — with her curiously androgenous name — go gay? Because I’m totally milf-crushing on her.

  20. Jessica says:

    I must say, #19(Emma)’s comments were quite amusing to read ^_^

    I honestly loved Isabeau’s character here, I wanted to switch her and Lilith’s characters– I felt Astrid deserved all that pampering after being stuck with that sorry excuse for a mother she currently has.

    In her own twisted way, Isabeau loved Astrid. And being how Astrid was at the end of Ascendant, she could sure use some of that love…hopefully, in the next installment? (*LARGE HOPE-FILLED EYES*)