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Recently, there’s been a rash of cases where indie writers (a.k.a. self publishers), have been outed as plagiarists. A few months ago, NPR and Fast Company covered a breaking story about rampant plagiarism in the erotica section of the Amazon … Continue reading

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A few years ago, when the term first cropped up, I wrote a couple of posts about so-called “New Adult” books. At the time, it was a term coined by a couple of editors at St. Martin’s Press who were … Continue reading

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On the YALSA blog, there is a discussion of white washing on the cover of YA novels, and one of the novels mentioned is For Darkness Shows the Stars. There are many inaccuracies in this article (including stating that LIAR … Continue reading

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Perhaps you have heard about the current internet hub-bub surrounding the Monstromology series by Rick Yancey. If not, go here for an interview with him to see what the current state of the series (and the drama) is. In short: … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since I got a chance to look on the internet and see what folks are saying about my books (always a daunting prospect, made even more so by spending a few months unplugged from your career). … Continue reading

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Since, y’know, I’m writing one. I am a big, big fan of retellings, in general. I think the first time I was aware of one was when my parents introduced me to West Side Story. My dad is not the … Continue reading

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There has been a lot of chatter on Twitter lately about the role of gender in YA books. On one hand, women writers and female-centric books dominate the YA market. (An interesting phenomenon given the “general knowledge” that a girl … Continue reading

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ZvU was recently featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life. Though the article calls the collection a book of “essays,” do not be fooled. I think it meant that the essays were the connecting bits written by Holly and Justine, on … Continue reading

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So, interesting commentary on my New Adult post. I’m not sure if my thoughts were quite as collected as I wanted them to be for a Sunday morning. I do wan to add that I think in many ways that … Continue reading

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Sailor Boy and I have an old joke based on something we once saw on Felicia Day’s blog, or perhaps twitter feed. Day said something to the effect of “Saw an audition announcement looking for ‘a Felicia Day type.’ Guys, … Continue reading

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