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I saw this over at The Book Smugglers the other day and it looked like great fun! 1. What author do you own the most books by? Hmmm, a quick glance at my bookshelves reveals quite a bit of: L.M. … Continue reading

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Read an interesting article in The New York Times recently, about how modern technological devices jam long-revered literary ones. Missed connections (the letter about Juliet’s faked death that doesn’t reach Romeo in time) doesn’t work if both teens have cell … Continue reading

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I took part in several conversations yesterday about crying while reading. Do you do it? I do. I cry every single time I read Persuasion. I weep buckets reading epic fantasy (anything from C.L. Wilson to the Chronicles of Narnia … Continue reading

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First thing’s first: Are you following the Team Castle Twitter Feed? High tea, peacocks, and lots of anonymous “overheards…” Today marks the release date for two of the denizens of the Castle: Carrie Ryan’s debut, THE FOREST OF HANDS AND … Continue reading

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Oh noes! The killer unicorns! They have taken over my website! Thanks to ‘brina for the cornification. In other news, the killer unicorn takeover of the known world continues apace. At the School Library Journal, kidlit blogger Fuse #8 casts … Continue reading

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Care of Fail Blog: Oh dear. I love children’s books, and I love Blaze, and I don’t think…. oh, dear. Poor Borders. (I’m right that this is a Borders sign, right?) I know things are tight and tough and all, … Continue reading

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I have been reminded that I never picked a winner for the second Suite Scarlett Giveaway from Wednesday. So here goes: Megg, from comment 22 on my website! (In passing: Giveaways are challenging when every other commenter is like “oh, … Continue reading

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A busy day here, which is why this blog is so late. Woke up this morning to find out that my adorable, perfect puppy has graduated into the full throes of adolescence. I was out the door at 7 a.m. … Continue reading

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Great discussion in the comments thread yesterday (that I wasn’t able to participate in because I’ve been running around, trying to get stuff ready for our first ever Christmas Chez Diana). There must have been something in the air, because … Continue reading

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Hey, guys. I’m still out of town, so come back this afternoon and I’ll have announced the winner of Tuesday’s Giveaway. Today’s giveaway is a copy of Suite Scarlett, by Maureen Johnson. If all has gone as planned, I will … Continue reading

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