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::taps mic:: is anyone there? I know I’ve been a horrifically bad blogger this year. I’ve really taken to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for my social media, because the sharing and commenting features are so much more natural and organic … Continue reading

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The news is out so I thought I’d share: FILHOTES DE PRINCESAS Com 30 mil cópias vendidas em seis meses, “O Livro das Princesas”, projeto da Galera Record que reuniu autoras brasileiras e americanas em novas versões de contos de … Continue reading

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Look what I found (no, my publisher doesn’t send it to me, I have to track it down online myself). It’s the cover of the Brazilian version of Tap & Gown, which is called SOCIEDADE SECRETA: ESCOLHAS DE FORMATURA. (This … Continue reading

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How do I love thee, Brazil? Let me count the ways: 1. Your continued support of the Sociedade Secreta series is gratifying and humbling. Your enthusiastic emails and twitters to me and my publisher always make my day. Oh, and … Continue reading

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I’m amassing quite a collection of foreign editions of Morning Glory: Look at all those different covers. The Brazilian one (which just came in and so is not included in this picture) has the same cover as the French one … Continue reading

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