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Great discussion in the comments thread yesterday (that I wasn’t able to participate in because I’ve been running around, trying to get stuff ready for our first ever Christmas Chez Diana). There must have been something in the air, because … Continue reading

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Cary asked: “Can you tell us anything more about the killer unicorn book?” Yes…and no. The book is entitled RAMPANT, and it will be on shelves in June of 2009. The book is a contemporary, Rome set fantasy about killer … Continue reading

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The winners of yesterday’s JESSICA Z Giveaway are: Leslie of and Maureen McGowan You know the drill! In passing, if you are one of the winners of previous days’ giveaways and you do not contact me by Monday, I’ll … Continue reading

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Remember that scene in the movie of Bridget Jones’s Diary where poor Bridget is forced to stumble her way through introducing the publisher of “Kafka’s Motorbike: The Greatest Book of Our Time” in front of Jeffrey Archer, Salman Rushdie and … Continue reading

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(My pal Vicki is starting on a quest in the fabulous world of manuscript submissions — head on over and wish her luck! Sailor Boy and I are heading on our own adventure this weekend. It’s entirely possible that we’re … Continue reading

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Oh, Maureen Johnson, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… So when everyone was debating about “Chick Lit,” I was probably off eating a sandwich somewhere and missed the whole thing. Which was fine by me. Except … Continue reading

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So I’ve been pretty good at keeping out of the newest tired, dead-horse version of “fun books, especially those by women, mark the end of Western civilization” kerfuffle. What is there to say on the detractors’ end that hasn’t been … Continue reading

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