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Well, that was a week. I was sitting at my computer, twittering, when the earthquake started. At first I thought it was a truck passing closely outside. Then I noticed my tomato trellises shaking away and as the vibrations grew … Continue reading

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Greatest. Museum. Sign. Ever. I really wonder what in the world the exhibit was.   Greatest. Wedding. Photos. Ever (scrolldown):   And some fabulous Harry Potter Geekery from the gang at HowItShouldHaveEnded: Have a great weekend, y’all!

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First, an update: Had a marvelous time at a family wedding this weekend in Buffalo, NY. Q did too — and aside from the gorgeous bride (my lovely cousin, Kelly), I think Q might have been the belle of the … Continue reading

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As I’d suspected, I didn’t get much writing done this weekend, leaving me approximately one day behind in NaNo goals. I would hope to catch up this week, but that might be difficult, given my plans and the possible disruption … Continue reading

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Sad face. I only did 900 words yesterday, which means I’m falling behind on my little NaNoWriMo graph thingy. You guys, it’s telling me I won’t finish until September 2. Oh, the horror. In better news, I think I solved … Continue reading

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First off, I did 2.5k on my WIP yesterday, bringing my NaNo total up to 8127. Snoopy dance a go-go. 8127 / 60,000 It’s going pretty well. I still totally love my heroine, and think she could happily stand alongside … Continue reading

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Welcome, August, with your hot, muggy weather and zero holidays and hopefully lots and lots of work. Where am I on my goals? Writing: Was supposed to finish a short story (check) and start a new proposal (checkity check). This … Continue reading

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Wow, half way through the year already! Here’s my last update, from the beginning of June. Writing: I was supposed to write a short story and start a new proposal. I wrote (most of) a short story. This month I’m … Continue reading

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A few years back, I participated at an event with Justine Larbalestier, Cassie Clare, Scott Westerfeld, David Levithan, Alaya Dawn Johnson, and Libba Bray where we all shared some of our most laugh-worthy juvenilia. Today, I have the pleasure (::snerk::) … Continue reading

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One of the things about Netflix Watch it Now is that I keep coming across old movies from my childhood and watching them while making dinner/folding laundry/cleaning bottles and pump parts. The other day, I came across the Don Bluth … Continue reading

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