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Oh February, you stunted shrimp of a month. I am not sorry to see you go. You’re never long enough. If I had the two to three more days that I’m owed, maybe I could have done something with you. … Continue reading

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Wow, half way through the year already! Here’s my last update, from the beginning of June. Writing: I was supposed to write a short story and start a new proposal. I wrote (most of) a short story. This month I’m … Continue reading

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Remember last month when I said this was my garden? Well, this is my garden as of July 3: Yowza. Can you say tomato jungle? Thank you to everyone who gave me good gardening tips! The tomato food worked. In … Continue reading

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365 days ago, this was my garden: This is my garden today: Yikes. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I put the tomatoes in too late? We had a really cold spring with many nights on the border … Continue reading

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The sun is out, the birds are singing, and my baby slept for seven hours twice in a row this weekend. Things are great. And I managed to make some headway on some of my big yearly goals. In the … Continue reading

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And Happy Canada Day to my readers in the Great White North (Hi, Tiff!)! I am enjoying my first of July tremendously. The weather broke here in Washington, so we’re getting some lovely warm (but not sweltering) sunny days with … Continue reading

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Another weekend of home improvement. We’re really starting to get somewhere on a few of our projects. I’m very excited. As you may know, this is our first house, and given that we’ve never really stayed in one place for … Continue reading

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We’ve been all about the home improvements Chez Diana of late. Spent the weekend clearing out the basement in preparation for turning it into a family room (with an entire wall of built in bookshelves, be still my beating heart!). … Continue reading

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So this is the second year of my attempt to grow a garden. As before, the drawbacks are my inherited black thumb, and my total ignorance when it comes to all things garden-related — though I suppose there is less … Continue reading

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