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Today on Genreality I write a letter to my 13 year old self, who promptly faints dead away upon receipt. Because…. wow. Just go read it. It’s pertinent to our discussion. Which is… it’s only a few days until the … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger of late. I’ve had my head down deep in revision land for my secret project, which I’m finally starting to believe will really, REALLY happen, so hopefully I’ll be telling you all about … Continue reading

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I have some beautiful bookmarks to give away to booksellers, librarians, bloggers, people who collect bookmarks… you know, the usual suspects. If you want a bookmark, please contact me, using the now-working contact form on my website. Make sure to … Continue reading

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So guess what came in the mail the other day? Pretty colors! And ooh, a note. Wonder what it is? Let’s open: It’s For Darkness Shows the Stars! Why yes, that is my excited face. Why do you ask? And … Continue reading

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Since it’s the last day of the month, and since I’ve been a Very Bad Blogger this month, I thought I’d round things out with a little FDSTS FAQ and Giveaway. But first, let us start with a teaser: _______ … Continue reading

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I am in possession of a few extra, precious, For Darkness Shows the Stars ARCs. So I’m giving one away this week. This book isn’t coming out until June, but people are saying it’s my best yet. Well, by “people” … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten a lot of emails this weekend (because somehow folks think I’m some sort of RWA spokesperson?) about the current kerfuffle over some RWA chapter I’ve never heard of prohibiting homosexual romances in their published novel contest (a contest … Continue reading

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Gah. January was a busy month. So busy I didn’t get the chance to flog my latest release. Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? Have you watched this trailer seven thousand times? I know I have! So you’re … Continue reading

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It’s gorgeous and sunny in DC today (for once) and I am home with Q, who is making lots of noise as I type this. She is a big talker, this baby. (I wonder where she gets it from?) She … Continue reading

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Okay, release day plus one. What can I say, I’m a little distracted these days. Anyway, yesterday marks the release of my seventh novel, MORNING GLORY, the story of a plucky television news producer and the dueling co-anchors she must … Continue reading

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