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Last night, my pal Pam Bachorz and I were supposed to participate in a chat on worldbuilding at Unfotunately, neither Pam nor I are a member of that particular organization. We were confused and thought we were participating in … Continue reading

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Today we have a very special treat: a guest blogger. I hardly ever have a guest blogger here, but I think I should start doing so more often. All the fun of blogging, none of the pressure of staring at … Continue reading

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Without further ado:   And, in the interest of being honest here… guys, it’s a little spoilery. Fortunately, it’s one of those covers where you won’t actually realize what’s spoilery about it until you read the book. So, win-win. I … Continue reading

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So New York Times Bestseller Carrie Ryan and I had an awesome weekend of eating, lounging around on the couch, brainstorming, and watching movies that reminded us of our books. It was half writing retreat, half slumber party. Rio was … Continue reading

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Quickly, because it’s a gorgeous morning outside, and I’m about to blow Rio’s puppy mind by taking her for an actual hike for the first time since the blizzard… The other day, I met up with the awesome Ally Carter … Continue reading

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Since one of the most frequently asked questions I get regarding RAMPANT is if there is going to be a sequel (often phrased as, “what about this plot point?”), I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone … Continue reading

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Last night, I had the great pleasure of attending a presentation by Scott Westerfeld and Robin Wasserman at Politics and Prose here in DC. They were there to talk about their new books (Leviathan and Crashed, respectively) but the way … Continue reading

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I’m so glad to have my computer back, you guys. You have no idea. And all my old files…. pretty pretty files. Anyway, yesterday, after spending a record four hours in the Apple Store with the awesome Apple Geniuses, I … Continue reading

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So for the past week, I have been sans computer chez Diana. Talk about a pain. I’m still feeling it, since the change in technology in the past few years means that I am still unable to get my old … Continue reading

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Today is a very special day. LIAR is out in the U.S.A.! This new novel by Justine Larbalestier is fantastic, mind-blowing, one-of-a-kind. You need to go and read it NOW. TODAY. Starred reviews all over the place, a ton of … Continue reading

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