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I can’t believe FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS has been out for almost a month now! Time sure flies when you’re cleaning tree branches off your roof, throwing away every scrap of food in your fridge, and trying to figure … Continue reading

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Our house features a long living room — so long, in fact, that we actually made it into both a living room and dining room, divided visually by furniture arrangement, rugs and lighting. But now we’re running into an unforeseen … Continue reading

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So now that Q has turned into a crawling machine, we’ve had to start getting serious about the baby proofing around here. We’re going for a laissez-faire approach: making sure that anything dangerous/breakable is out of reach but not keeping … Continue reading

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Wow, half way through the year already! Here’s my last update, from the beginning of June. Writing: I was supposed to write a short story and start a new proposal. I wrote (most of) a short story. This month I’m … Continue reading

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I’ve been working really hard on revisions for KU2. Which have been hampered sadly, by Pantalaimon’s timely/untimely (depending on which Apple Genius you ask) death. I have been doing some home repairs chez Diana Which include a massive tree removal … Continue reading

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Wow, guys. Pray you don’t get this thing, whatever it is. It’s VIOLENT. I’ve been sick for a whole month now, and every time I think it’s letting up, I relapse. As such, I’ve not been much with the getting … Continue reading

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I have internet again! O, happy day, too roo, too lay! I cannot tell you how annoying it has been these past few weeks to be living without you, my sweet pablum, my exquisite opiate of the masses. How do … Continue reading

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