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(First: the winner of the Worldbuilding Q&A giveaway is alaska! Alaska, email me and tell me your address and whether or not you want Rampant or Ascendant.  To everyone else, I’m still answering questions, but I’ve been a bit tied … Continue reading

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The Zombies vs. Unicorns trailer has gone live. Have I mentioned how excited I am about this book? To celebrate the release of ZvU, I’ll be appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival alongside editors Holly black and Justine Larbalestier, and … Continue reading

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I’m helping to kick off the first ever NYC Teen Author Festival (March 16-22, 2009) this Monday with the following, absolutely unmissable event: Juvenilia Smackdown Monday, 16 March, 4-6pm, Tompkins Square Park branch of the NYPL, 331 E. 10th Street … Continue reading

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A lot of people have been asking me, and the rumors are out on the internet, so though I have not been given the go-ahead by TPTB over at Harper, I have decided to respond, since “I can neither confirm … Continue reading

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So the other day, my fiend Justine Larbalestier asked for advice on answering one of her “writing advice month” questions about voice. So I did, but most of my advice is just a riff on Julie Leto’s excellent articles on … Continue reading

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Justine Larbalestier is answering writing questions all month on her blog? She’s already tackled POV, getting ideas, what to do when you’re stuck, and, in a notable departure from her edict not to answer industry questions, how to get an … Continue reading

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Hey, guys! I’m back from New York and back to work. No rest for the weary ’round these parts. Is anyone else doing Seventy Days of Sweat? Every time I get started, a new pile of work lands on my … Continue reading

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Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday! I really appreciate it. As payment, Rio doing what we like to call “disco sleep”: “Ahh, do the hustlezzzzz… Aside from the plague, it’s been a big week chez Diana. I’m an … Continue reading

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Justine, in her otherwise excellent post covering Simon Pegg’s elegant and insightful article about zombies-as-metaphor-and-cultural-phenomenon, continues her appallingly prejudiced stance against unicorns: Unicorns as a metaphor? For what exactly? Tooth decay? Give me a break. They are a beastie entirely … Continue reading

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According to my friend Justine, whose fabulous new book, How to Ditch Your Fairy, is in stores today, I am a cynical pessimist who really needs to lighten up and look on the bright side. Okay. Fine: I love this … Continue reading

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