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An interesting discussion on Twitter has blossomed into an interesting post over at Robin Wasserman’s blog about books you read for class in high school that you loved/hated. Okay, unscientific and super-fast survey time, because now I’m curious: Which high-school … Continue reading

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A few links from around the internets: The BookMaven responds to another one of those tiresome genre snobbery posts. I agree with a lot of it, but I’m not sure she goes as far as I would. So, I don’ … Continue reading

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Justine, in her otherwise excellent post covering Simon Pegg’s elegant and insightful article about zombies-as-metaphor-and-cultural-phenomenon, continues her appallingly prejudiced stance against unicorns: Unicorns as a metaphor? For what exactly? Tooth decay? Give me a break. They are a beastie entirely … Continue reading

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Remember that scene in the movie of Bridget Jones’s Diary where poor Bridget is forced to stumble her way through introducing the publisher of “Kafka’s Motorbike: The Greatest Book of Our Time” in front of Jeffrey Archer, Salman Rushdie and … Continue reading

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In the comments section of the November 14th post on high concept: My contention has to do with, for instance, (as your link to the Knight Agency page explains) high concept books as “accessible” and “commercial.” A lot of my … Continue reading

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So I’ve been pretty good at keeping out of the newest tired, dead-horse version of “fun books, especially those by women, mark the end of Western civilization” kerfuffle. What is there to say on the detractors’ end that hasn’t been … Continue reading

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