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So I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo this month. You can find me under the name “dianablue” (oh, and if you do, please invite me into your cabin! I keep getting stuck with strangers). I’ve never been particularly good at NaNoWriMo, though … Continue reading

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Oh February, you stunted shrimp of a month. I am not sorry to see you go. You’re never long enough. If I had the two to three more days that I’m owed, maybe I could have done something with you. … Continue reading

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From the mailbag, T. asks: When you write a novel it’s like a boat-load of short stories, with the same characters, and they tie together, right? So how would someone with great ideas get them onto paper if they don’t … Continue reading

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I’ve been a lazy blogger since coming back from vacation. probably because I haven’t been lazy in any other aspect of my life. We’re doing a lot of redecoration Chez Diana, I had houseguests, and I’m super busy with the … Continue reading

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From the comments section of the last post: “The problem with the whole CP thing is if you write very sporadically, you don’t want to try someone’s patience. I’m having that problem right now – my kind-of CP is all … Continue reading

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