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So in all the excitement (and hassle) of Scavenger Hunting, I totally missed that the long CITY OF BONES trailer has gone out into the world: I also somehow missed that LENA FREAKING HEADEY is playing Jocelyn Fray. Man, do … Continue reading

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Not much luck with movies again this weekend. I talked Sailor Boy into watching Snow White and the Huntsman (“you love Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth!”) and I know he’ll be reminding me of that for a while. It was … Continue reading

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21 Jump Street: Channing Tatum is pretty, y’all. Sailor Boy actually picked this one out. I’m kind of allergic to Jonah Hill. Except I liked him fine in this flick, too. And I really liked seeing Brie Larson again, because … Continue reading

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Battle Royale is on Netflix Instant right now, so the other night, Sailor Boy and I sat down to watch. It’s not my usual type of film at all, and I probably wouldn’t have even heard of it, except it … Continue reading

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Since the time of publication of For Darkness draws near, and I’ve been sending a lot of ARCs out into the world (and seeing a lot of reviews pop up on my twitter feed of late), I suppose it’s time … Continue reading

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Today’s post at Genreality is (rather fittingly) about Writing Battle Scenes. Check it out. Sailor Boy finished the book just last night, we’re headed to a matinee this afternoon, and I am off to sidebraid my hair. If it works … Continue reading

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Oh, so many movies I’m excited about: Like look at this freaky Snow White adaptation. Not loving KStew as a Joan of Arc-y Snow White, but Charlize Theron rocks my socks as the evil queen. Plus — wowsa, the imagery! … Continue reading

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The other night, after tucking Queenie into her crib, Sailor Boy and I sat down to watch one of the many, many superhero films we missed in the theater last year while we were busy caring for a newborn. This … Continue reading

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One of the things about Netflix Watch it Now is that I keep coming across old movies from my childhood and watching them while making dinner/folding laundry/cleaning bottles and pump parts. The other day, I came across the Don Bluth … Continue reading

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The news is out, and apparently my agent already has her hands on a hot copy, so I suppose I can finally, finally share the news I’ve been keeping to myself for nine months: My SECOND full-length book this year……. … Continue reading

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