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When I am writing stories set in the real, contemporary world, the names the characters have are much more familiar to our ears. That’s why the heroine of my first book is named Amy, and her friends have names like … Continue reading

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One of the things I learned back when I was pregnant and looking at potential names for my kid was that there were people out there who are WAY more obsessed with names than I am (and all those links … Continue reading

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Since I’m on this name kick… Last names are an ongoing bugbear of mine. There aren’t the same resources as with first names — has a surname section, but it’s scant. I used to collect last names from movie … Continue reading

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I’m doing preliminary work on my new book right now, which means I’m deep in name-research mode. I need names for characters, for places and for a few things, too. I love coming up with names. Lovelovelove. In fact, this … Continue reading

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Okay, so now that I have my toast and Rio’s dirty looks have morphed from their earlier, “You’re not really going to eat me, are you mommy?” tenor to “You’re not really going to share that toast and blackberry jam … Continue reading

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I know Rampant hasn’t come out yet, but it looks really interesting (vicious killer unicorns as a short reprieve from all the vampire drama and werewolf angst? Dude, count me in). The problem: I only read series books. I’m a … Continue reading

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Regular readers of the blog know about my obsession with character names. They know about what happens when I have to change a character name due to market concerns. They know about my old trick of dealing with a recalcitrant … Continue reading

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You know how Amazon and Netflix have that “based on your choices, we think you’d like this” feature? I know it’s often full of crap, and says things as bizarre as “Based on your interest in Battlestar Galactica, we think … Continue reading

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