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On the YALSA blog, there is a discussion of white washing on the cover of YA novels, and one of the novels mentioned is For Darkness Shows the Stars. There are many inaccuracies in this article (including stating that LIAR … Continue reading

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Some of you know that I studied science in college — geology, in fact. Certain areas of study in geology are part of major political and religious debates in this country right now: namely, climate change and paleontology. I didn’t … Continue reading

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I was surprised to hear of the recent eruption in New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro last week. Witnesses reported seeing “flame-like explosions”, red hot rocks being thrown into the air, lightning, hearing loud explosions and one witness reported a cloud of … Continue reading

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Thanks to Kiersten White, a fellow HarperTeen author who as a debut novelist is understandably keeping close track of these things, I discovered that the fall 2010 list has finally made it to pre-order status at Amazon. Kiersten’s book, Paranormalcy, … Continue reading

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So after posting about parapets yesterday, I had that Decembrist song “Infanta” in my head all day. “And all across the parapets a multitude of coronets…” Grrr… not exactly the music I was looking for. Though I do love that … Continue reading

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Or, The Kangaroo that Loved Me… Cute, huh? when I first sent this picture around to friends, they all exclaimed, “Wow, aren’t they dangerous? How did you get that close to one?” Actually, the real trick is getting away from … Continue reading

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This is not a craft post. It’s a lovely story of a girl and her pen. In the comments section of yesterday’s post:Do you have a dedicated non-internet computer? or even better a dedicated writing room? Uh, no and no. … Continue reading

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