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Did you guys hear about this whole plagiarism scandal? So apparently this (former) board member of an RWA chapter was selling self-published and micropress published stories that were actually written for Harlequin by authors like Liz Fielding and Julie Kenner. … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten a lot of emails this weekend (because somehow folks think I’m some sort of RWA spokesperson?) about the current kerfuffle over some RWA chapter I’ve never heard of prohibiting homosexual romances in their published novel contest (a contest … Continue reading

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I was recently reminded of an old phenomenon I remember well from the days before I was published (and before I realized that my blood pressure was best served by staying off listservs and forums populated by aspiring writers): that … Continue reading

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From time to time, I receive requests from near or complete strangers to help them in their quest for publication. (Also, occasionally to help them in their quest for college admissions, since, you know, my first series was set in … Continue reading

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My launch signing for RAMPANT is at 2 PM Today! Everyone come see me in Maryland! It’s metro-accessible! It’s close to DC! I’ll have treats! It’s gonna be fun! I’ve chosen the winners for the HarperTeen release giveaways. The winner … Continue reading

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Who is accessing this site with the search terms: Secret Society Girl Downloads Under the Rose (Ivy League) Downloads Rites of Spring Break lit download Tap and Gown lit download I am wondering if you realize that you are attempting … Continue reading

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Yay, birthday presents! There appears to be a theme. My mother bought me this gorgeous teacup and saucer with little cherry blossoms all over it, and then this morning there was a package from sitting on our doorstep: Sailor … Continue reading

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Justine Larbalestier is answering writing questions all month on her blog? She’s already tackled POV, getting ideas, what to do when you’re stuck, and, in a notable departure from her edict not to answer industry questions, how to get an … Continue reading

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Great discussion in the comments thread yesterday (that I wasn’t able to participate in because I’ve been running around, trying to get stuff ready for our first ever Christmas Chez Diana). There must have been something in the air, because … Continue reading

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THE WINNER OF THE BOX O’BOOKS GIVEAWAY is: RYLIE, at comment #12! Drop me an email with your address to receive your prize (at slow-boat-to-China book rate shipping, but still…) The past week has been such a roller coaster for … Continue reading

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