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Let me start out this post by saying RIO IS FINE, and also, because it can’t be stated often enough (and for anyone who got here by googling): DON’T FEED YOUR DOG CHOCOLATE, GRAPES, OR RAISINS, and definitely no sugar-free … Continue reading

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Oh February, you stunted shrimp of a month. I am not sorry to see you go. You’re never long enough. If I had the two to three more days that I’m owed, maybe I could have done something with you. … Continue reading

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I’m just going to put it right out here in front: I’m so glad to see this year end. Though, professionally, this has been a very good year for me, with a ton of new releases, my first starred review, … Continue reading

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I’m off guest blogging again today. Here’s where you can find me: At Melissa Walker’s blog, discussing the “Cover Story” behind the gorgeous cover of For Darkness Shows the Stars. As a guest of Maureen McGowan at Get Lost in … Continue reading

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My mind is going in a million different directions these days. I’ve been typing all day with one eye on Rio, trying to discern from every little sigh and moan and how long she’s been napping and how much she’s … Continue reading

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Earlier this month, I participated in a large, multi-author fundraising campaign to benefit animal shelters called Authors Against Animal Abuse, and I’m pleased to report that Christine Johnson raised $543.27 with her auctions. (The signed lot of Rampant, Ascendant, and … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I posted about my 2011 goals and how I was doing on them. Today, I’m posting about my goals for next year. I’ve divided them into three spheres: work, home, and family. My goals this year are much more … Continue reading

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Last month, author Christine Johnson witnessed something horrible happening to a local dog. (Seriously, do not click that link back there unless you have a strong stomach). Moved by the poor animal’s plight, as well as the plight of so … Continue reading

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Hello again. It’s Rio, back on blog duty since it’s STILL RAINING and honestly, a girl can only gnaw on her tail and nap on the couch so long. Mommy even broke down yesterday and gave me a kong full … Continue reading

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Hello. My name is Rio Peterfreund-[Redacted], also known as Rio McBeo, Ree-bot, Puppy-uppy-uppy, and, since last week, “Hrree-aah!” (according to the one you know as Q). Speaking of the one you know as Q and I know as “that crying … Continue reading

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