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I’m just going to put it right out here in front: I’m so glad to see this year end. Though, professionally, this has been a very good year for me, with a ton of new releases, my first starred review, … Continue reading

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I can’t believe FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS has been out for almost a month now! Time sure flies when you’re cleaning tree branches off your roof, throwing away every scrap of food in your fridge, and trying to figure … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I posted about my 2011 goals and how I was doing on them. Today, I’m posting about my goals for next year. I’ve divided them into three spheres: work, home, and family. My goals this year are much more … Continue reading

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First, an update: Had a marvelous time at a family wedding this weekend in Buffalo, NY. Q did too — and aside from the gorgeous bride (my lovely cousin, Kelly), I think Q might have been the belle of the … Continue reading

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As I’d suspected, I didn’t get much writing done this weekend, leaving me approximately one day behind in NaNo goals. I would hope to catch up this week, but that might be difficult, given my plans and the possible disruption … Continue reading

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(Quoth SB: “The quality of this picture can only partially convey the despondency she displayed upon finding me dressing for work this morning.”) Mommy has been gone almost a week now. I have been getting intimately acquainted with the interior … Continue reading

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So on Friday, Sailor Boy calls me and is like, “Okay, command decision. We’re driving down to Alexandria tonight and trying to get into the Birchmere.” Since it usually takes me about three weeks to ease Sailor Boy into the … Continue reading

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Maggie Stiefvater, who once made waves online with her “I just don’t get romance” post and then a year later sold a big fat werewolf romance to Scholastic (releasing this fall!) has put up a very thought-provoking post furthering her … Continue reading

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Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t I? I’ve been off my computer and off the internet for the past week. It’s actually been quite a freeing experience. The last month was an incredibly stressful one, professionally, so removing … Continue reading

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Okay, it’s official. It’s finally December, which means that I can go around humming “Silver Bells” with impunity for the next 25 days, and Sailor Boy can get peeved (because he claims it’s his least favorite of all the Christmas … Continue reading

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