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I’m amassing quite a collection of foreign editions of Morning Glory: Look at all those different covers. The Brazilian one (which just came in and so is not included in this picture) has the same cover as the French one … Continue reading

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A twitter conversation I had yesterday got me thinking about how hard it is to wrangle certain details of your world building over a long series.  I’m not talking about the broad strokes that make your world what it is, … Continue reading

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Eu sei que vários de vocês, meus leitores brasileiros, estão esperando notícias sobre o lançamento do terceiro livro da Sociedade Secreta, e agora eu as tenho! Aqui estão: Rites of Spring Break (Vol. 3) será lançado no dia 14 de … Continue reading

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Thanks to Twitter, I came across a blog post by one Racecar Brown referencing one of my earlier rants diatribes explorations of the topic of bad boys and nice guys in fiction. And, naturally, I was reminded that I never … Continue reading

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I’m feeling good this morning. First of all, I have some great news to announce about the secret society girl series: Turkish rights to Diana Peterfreund’s SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, UNDER THE ROSE, & RITES OF SPRING (BREAK), have sold to … Continue reading

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A lot of people having been sending me Yale new recruitment video with gasps of horror. Oh, it’s so cheesy! Oh, it’s so campy! Oh, it’s so ridiculous! Yeah, sorry, guys, I’m not with you there. I loved the video. … Continue reading

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Sometimes Google Alerts sends me the most awesome things. Like today, I got a link to this amazing fanmade movie trailer, that imagines Secret Society Girl as a Roland Emmerich thriller starring Isabella Swann, Little J, and Cyclops. Thank you, … Continue reading

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While in New York with Mitali last week, I was talking about the secret stories I wrote in 2009. In the lead-up to the release of the final Secret Society Girl novel, Tap & Gown, I wrote a bunch of … Continue reading

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I’m swamped with work right now, so you probably aren’t going to see much of me until after the new year. But I did want to share with you two things. Thing the first is from my fan community, a … Continue reading

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So I got up on the rightest side of the bed this morning. To start with, it’s a gorgeous day outside. Bright and clear, not too cold. And I was in a good mood already because I did some serious … Continue reading

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