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Why, hello there, internets. You have questions about my book? I have answers. I hope. Q: Why is this book inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel? A: Because spies are cool, and fashionable spies are the coolest. Q: No, really. Isn’t … Continue reading

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Apparently, the hot new thing is to review books online complete with a bunch of wiggling, dancing, mugging gifs from our favorite movies and TV shows. I’ve seen a few of these reviews in the past (both positive and negative) … Continue reading

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I have been a very neglectful blogger of late, but I wanted to drop in and let you all know that if you’re in a killer unicorn mood, I have some good news: There are two free stories out there! … Continue reading

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A Few Upcoming Events: WSFA First Friday Reading When: April 6, 2012; 9 p.m. Where: Greenbelt Maryland (directions here) What it is: Diana will be reading selections from her upcoming novel, For Darkness Shows the Stars. (Diana is super nervous … Continue reading

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Though Astrid would tell you otherwise, apparently, in France, unicorns are glowing women with white, feathery hair. Who knew? Also: “licornes”! Love! True story: Back when I was deciding about the different species of unicorn I was going to use … Continue reading

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I just finished my fourth (ain’t sayin’ final) short story of 2011. Code name: THOA. Will release title and publication info when that’s more finalized. It’s my shortest short story yet, but takes place over the longest time period. It’s … Continue reading

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First of all, today is the day that the newest Secret Society Girl Secret Story goes live. Check out last month’s “unlocked” story, “Poe in D.C.” on the secret story page, and, newsletter subscribers, check your inbox for the password … Continue reading

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I’ve got three big bits of news. Two involve killer unicorns and one involves a small green state in the far north of our world. And that’s really all I can say for now. Yes, I know, I’m an unbearable … Continue reading

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Our back door has blown open twice this morning, the second time taking the porch railing along for the ride. I’ll tell you, it scared Rio pretty bad. She’s upstairs huddling in bed with Sailor Boy. Spent a while this … Continue reading

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Given that people have been alerting me to the fact that this baby is up on Amazon for a few days now (where the colors are ALL OFF), I guess I can show it here as well… Top secret societies…bizarre … Continue reading

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