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I’ve been reading George R.R. Martin’s famous Song of Ice and Fire series (aka, Game of Thrones), after much prompting by Sailor Boy and all my other SFF-loving friends, and loving the first two seasons of the HBO show, and … Continue reading

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It has recently been pointed out to me that I include a lot of religious themes in my fiction. Given that I set a whole series in the ruins of a Catholic nunnery, I suppose this is an undeniable fact. … Continue reading

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Battle Royale is on Netflix Instant right now, so the other night, Sailor Boy and I sat down to watch. It’s not my usual type of film at all, and I probably wouldn’t have even heard of it, except it … Continue reading

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I owe y’all so many posts about my recent adventures — Florida and NINC and school visits and so much other stuff… But for now: Best. Book. Trailer. Ever: Carolyn Parkhurst, you rock. And, an awesome article about creating kick-ass … Continue reading

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As I wade through my final round of revisions on my latest novel, I’ve been thinking a lot about the requirements of retellings (I wrote about this some last year). At the time, I said: “Holly‚Äôs way of thinking about … Continue reading

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I’ve recently been watching a lot of old Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn films. I adore Katharine Hepburn films, with or without her real-life love, Tracy. The African Queen, Phiadelphia, The Lion in Winter — Hepburn is a presence — regal, clever, … Continue reading

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Today we have a very special treat: a guest blogger. I hardly ever have a guest blogger here, but I think I should start doing so more often. All the fun of blogging, none of the pressure of staring at … Continue reading

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Yesterday, while working on my first science fiction novel (I really never get tired of saying that), I started to recognize one of my characters from the outside and think of her the way a literary critic might. It’s a … Continue reading

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I’ve been a lazy blogger since coming back from vacation. probably because I haven’t been lazy in any other aspect of my life. We’re doing a lot of redecoration Chez Diana, I had houseguests, and I’m super busy with the … Continue reading

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Since, y’know, I’m writing one. I am a big, big fan of retellings, in general. I think the first time I was aware of one was when my parents introduced me to West Side Story. My dad is not the … Continue reading

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