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…is at 70 Days of Sweat. Please note: Comment on the “Big Friday Giveaway” post in order to be eligible for the ARC of Rampant.

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Still sick. Read all about here. Last night, my friend The Chef brought me homemade butterneut squash-yogurt soup with wild rice, pecan, and apple garnish. Delicious! He’s so amazing. Those of you in D.C — go to Nage! Sorry about … Continue reading

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Great things about having a puppy: She graduates from puppy school with flying colors (doesn’t like her cap, though.) I am seriously considering using this photo as a tag for Tap & Gown announcements. Bad things about having a puppy: … Continue reading

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NEWSFLASH: First ever (that I’ve seen) review for Rites of Spring (Break) at Teen Book Review. Quote of note: I loved every second of the time I spent reading this book! Diana Peterfreund has a way with words that will … Continue reading

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Trish Ryan! Email me your address, Trish. Also, I kinda realized I flaked on sending out those CDs. Oops. Will be remedied. Never fear. (See, this is my problem: I hate post offices. So sometimes it takes a while for … Continue reading

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Is at 70 Days of Sweat. Are you still sweating? Also, check out Carrie’s New Cover! Nice, huh? (Sorry about the lack of unicorns. I have misplaced my camera cord. More to come, I promise!)

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70 Days of Sweat starts today. You only think you’re ready. I will also be participating in the sweating this round, though mine may not be lasting the full on 70 days. This is the goal: We’re looking for a … Continue reading

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Once upon a time there was a young writer — let’s call her Leanna — who had a deadline. Now, she wasn’t new to this experience. She had a few books under her belt, and knew how to begin, continue, … Continue reading

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