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No, not the band. There’s been a lot of talk around the blogosphere recently about the general love of bad boys. I’ve seen a few folks saying that nice guys can work too (and a few more actually claiming “bad … Continue reading

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I enjoy reading Lee Goldberg’s blog, though I don’t always agree with him. He had an interesting post up recently called “People Stop Watching Shows that Suck” in which he responded to an EW query about why SF movies are … Continue reading

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Great things about having a puppy: She graduates from puppy school with flying colors (doesn’t like her cap, though.) I am seriously considering using this photo as a tag for Tap & Gown announcements. Bad things about having a puppy: … Continue reading

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Upcoming debut author Jessica Burkhart (Canterwood Crest), is running a series of “beach read” video reviews on her blog, and yesterday, Rites of Spring (Break) was one of them! Check it out (mildly spoilery): Cute, huh? So last night I … Continue reading

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I heard something really disturbing yesterday. They want to cancel Veronica Mars. Either that, or fast forward it to four years in the future to when Veronica is at FBI school, with none of the cast members except for Veronica. … Continue reading

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For someone who doesn’t have a TV, I certainly watched a lot of it and talked about it a lot this past week. No, the show I was speaking of in Monday’s post is not MI5. I’ve actually never even … Continue reading

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No, I did not watch the Oscars last night. I didn’t watch because I’d actually only seen one film that was nominated for any Oscar at all (unless you count Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which was up for makeup … Continue reading

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