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A Few Upcoming Events: WSFA First Friday Reading When: April 6, 2012; 9 p.m. Where: Greenbelt Maryland (directions here) What it is: Diana will be reading selections from her upcoming novel, For Darkness Shows the Stars. (Diana is super nervous … Continue reading

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So because a lot of folks are getting For Darkness Shows the Stars “in their mailboxes,” I’ve been seeing a lot of you tube videos where they say my name. Or attempt to. It’s funny the way it always goes … Continue reading

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s resolutions and dreams and goal-settings come true. I spent New Year’s Eve in a highly productive manner: finishing my final proofs for For Darkness Shows the Stars. It’s fitting that I welcomed the … Continue reading

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There has been a lot of discussion recently on the state of love triangles in the current crop of YA literature. Most of the discussion has focused on how gosh darn prevalent it is, with a lot of the usual … Continue reading

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These are real: You can buy them (or ones very much like them) and put them in your house: For what it’s worth, the ones above don’t look like any unicorns in my book (kirins, which the shape most resembles, … Continue reading

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Though Astrid would tell you otherwise, apparently, in France, unicorns are glowing women with white, feathery hair. Who knew? Also: “licornes”! Love! True story: Back when I was deciding about the different species of unicorn I was going to use … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since I shared some Rampant Fan Art, so I moseyed on over to the Killer Unicorn Club on Deviantart to see what they had… …and then I fell over in shock and awe from the wonderful … Continue reading

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I owe y’all so many posts about my recent adventures — Florida and NINC and school visits and so much other stuff… But for now: Best. Book. Trailer. Ever: Carolyn Parkhurst, you rock. And, an awesome article about creating kick-ass … Continue reading

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One of the most common questions I receive about the unicorn series is in regards to the way the world at large responds to the rediscovery of unicorns. At the beginning of Rampant, people don’t think there are any such … Continue reading

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I just finished my fourth (ain’t sayin’ final) short story of 2011. Code name: THOA. Will release title and publication info when that’s more finalized. It’s my shortest short story yet, but takes place over the longest time period. It’s … Continue reading

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