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Disclaimer: I went to college with the author of this article. We knew of one another, though we were never friends, possibly because we sang for competing a capella groups. I know, “competing a capella groups.” However, the system at … Continue reading

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Question: “Is it true that, like, 99% of our presidents were in secret societies?” Answer: I haven’t the foggiest. I believe some of the founding fathers were Freemasons — though according to Wikipedia, John Q. Adams, at least, was a … Continue reading

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A.K.A. My Books And Where You’ll Find Them What It Is: Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis’s the Chronicles of Narnia. Place You’re Likely to Find It: Border’s Book Stores (Exclusively), either in the YA or children’s … Continue reading

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HelenKay Dimon recently clued me into the page 99 rule used by book critics. (Though some say it’s the page 69 rule. And no one seems to know who, precisely, invented it.) But this is the gist: The rule is … Continue reading

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A girl gets married, and completely misses a review of her book, despite the fact that her editor did, in fact, send it to her that weekend. Then, later, when she’s looking at the proofs, in which her editor has … Continue reading

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“I loved dipping into a world of Ivy League life and secret society rituals; this book really made a change from my usual reading. I felt exhilarated by Amy’s schedule of papers, meetings and romantic liaisons with the delicious George … Continue reading

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Bet you didn’t know I was this cool (from The City Paper): As the Borders manager said last night, apparently the writer of the Secret Society Girl books is much better connected than anyone suspected. Thanks so much to everyone … Continue reading

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So today is the day of the big Under the Rose Booksigning. Luckily, I do not have time to be growing too nervous, since I will be working incredibly hard on the next book up until the time we hop … Continue reading

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Don’t forget, DC-area locals! Next Tuesday, August 21st, I’ll be signing and reading from the Secret Society Girl books at the Borders at the White Flint Mall at 7 pm. When: Tuesday, August 21st Time: 7:00 p.m. Where: Borders Books … Continue reading

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Casablanca was great. The Mall was packed, but everyone was friendly and having a great time. We bartered our food with our neighbors in a very school-cafeteria-style manner, and clearly didn’t smuggle in enough wine. Oh, and there were shooting … Continue reading

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