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We’ve reached the end of questions week, unless anyone wants to weigh in on Casear’s chicken-or-egg query, or tell Patrick the difference between a preface and a foreword? Like, officially? (I think it’s whatever you decide it is. I think … Continue reading

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I’m cheating a bit today, since I’m really tired. I’ll tackle Celeste and Patrick’s questions later. Taylor said: First off I want to say I really enjoyed SSG and Under the Rose, both books I got so into it, that … Continue reading

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A new review for Secret Society Girl, from Coffee Time Romance. This site apparently gives out “cups” instead of stars. (SSG got four.) Cute idea, huh? An excerpt: Ms. Diana Peterfreund has written a quirky glimpse into the life of … Continue reading

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I’m pretty sick right now — started last night on the plane flight home, and has gotten worse since, so this blog post will, most likely, reflect the pathetic state of my body and brain. Regular readers know how poorly … Continue reading

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It’s been so busy around here, it’s hard to believe that Under the Rose has been out for almost a week. I finally got my hands on a copy of the recent Life & Style Magazine with the UTR advertisement … Continue reading

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A new review of Under the Rose from Lisa Baca at Romance Reviews Today: “Diana Peterfreund has performed a minor miracle; she has created a sequel that works. The entire cast is back from SECRET SOCIETY GIRL, and boy, are … Continue reading

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USA Today has a whole section on beach books for the summer, and Under the Rose is one of their “summer sizzlers!” Check it out: Okay, how cool is that? I’m on the same list as Jackie Collins. The online … Continue reading

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Today marks the release of my second novel, UNDER THE ROSE.* The book picks up where my first novel, Secret Society Girl, left off, and chronicles the further adventures of Amy Haskel and her class of initiates in Rose & … Continue reading

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Back from NYC and a little bit tired, so this will be a short blog today. Please Note: the Sophia Nash Giveaway is still going on in Monday’s post. Scroll down to enter. I’ll be giving the book away on … Continue reading

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Sorry for the lack of posting. It’s been really busy around here. (I will post on exactly what I’ve been busy with soon, but some of it includes dealings with: Several pounds of beef, Brazilian monkeys, and four yards of … Continue reading

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