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Still abuzz from the star-studded premiere of Veronica Mars! You guys. You guys… I have lost the ability to form words. It was so amazing. I took all the pictures. First of all–the flick is great. Go see it this weekend! … Continue reading

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Anyone who follows me on Twitter (or almost any YA author on Twitter, or the YA online scene in general) knows that all the hubbub lately has been about the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter. Launched last week, the project broke … Continue reading

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I just can’t stop. Veronica Mars: Then I started doing one for Gossip Girl, but 1) I ran out of room, and 2) I’m about halfway through season four, and a wrench just got thrown into my design. I’m going … Continue reading

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As I’m copyediting FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS, I’ve found cause to think about one of my favorite character roles: the nemesis. Who is the nemesis? Well, if comic book superheroes are to be believed, they are the villain. The … Continue reading

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One of my favorite episodes of The West Wing is a Thanksgiving episode called “Shibboleth” in which speechwriter Sam (Rob Lowe), bored with writing a Thanksgiving Day proclamation, decides the whole pilgrim thing would be better off as a new … Continue reading

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A twitter conversation I had yesterday got me thinking about how hard it is to wrangle certain details of your world building over a long series.  I’m not talking about the broad strokes that make your world what it is, … Continue reading

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Thanks to Twitter, I came across a blog post by one Racecar Brown referencing one of my earlier rants diatribes explorations of the topic of bad boys and nice guys in fiction. And, naturally, I was reminded that I never … Continue reading

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No, not the band. There’s been a lot of talk around the blogosphere recently about the general love of bad boys. I’ve seen a few folks saying that nice guys can work too (and a few more actually claiming “bad … Continue reading

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I was overwhelmed by the entries into the TAP & GOWN contest. You guys are incredibly creative! I shall be emailing you soon so I can get you your Secret Society Girl prize pack! I hope I was able to … Continue reading

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Maggie Stiefvater, who once made waves online with her “I just don’t get romance” post and then a year later sold a big fat werewolf romance to Scholastic (releasing this fall!) has put up a very thought-provoking post furthering her … Continue reading

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