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On Thursday, I finally sat down and started work on my new book. See the word counter over there on the right? Pretty, pretty orange! Look at the way it creeps up on that vast swath of unwritten white! So, … Continue reading

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I had a negative writing day yesterday. Which means that if I was the kind of writer who had one of those little word bar thingies going on on my blog, you’d see more white space on there today than … Continue reading

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So on Friday, Sailor Boy calls me and is like, “Okay, command decision. We’re driving down to Alexandria tonight and trying to get into the Birchmere.” Since it usually takes me about three weeks to ease Sailor Boy into the … Continue reading

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Yay, birthday presents! There appears to be a theme. My mother bought me this gorgeous teacup and saucer with little cherry blossoms all over it, and then this morning there was a package from sitting on our doorstep: Sailor … Continue reading

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You know how Amazon and Netflix have that “based on your choices, we think you’d like this” feature? I know it’s often full of crap, and says things as bizarre as “Based on your interest in Battlestar Galactica, we think … Continue reading

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