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So on Friday, Sailor Boy calls me and is like, “Okay, command decision. We’re driving down to Alexandria tonight and trying to get into the Birchmere.” Since it usually takes me about three weeks to ease Sailor Boy into the … Continue reading

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1. Killer unicorns. 2. France (see #1) 3. Ireland (no relation to #1 or #2) 4. Figuring out the correct usage of “each other” versus “one another” because according to Tap & Gown copyedits, I never, ever, ever get it … Continue reading

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Hey, guys! I’m back from New York and back to work. No rest for the weary ’round these parts. Is anyone else doing Seventy Days of Sweat? Every time I get started, a new pile of work lands on my … Continue reading

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Thank you for all the well wishes yesterday! I really appreciate it. As payment, Rio doing what we like to call “disco sleep”: “Ahh, do the hustlezzzzz… Aside from the plague, it’s been a big week chez Diana. I’m an … Continue reading

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Hello. Meet Hannibal: Yes, that’s right… Sailor Boy and I hit level 40 tonight with our adorable Draenei couple (it was only a little bit annoying and required a couple of rounds through one particularly frustrating instance). But it was … Continue reading

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Yay. Figured out how to get screenshots. Probably going to be torturing you all with them for a while. So last night, Sailor Boy and I hit level 36 on our adorable draenei couple. Four more ’til elephant, as I … Continue reading

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First of all, Sailor Boy and I hit Level 24 with our “adorable couple” group on World of Warcraft. We started these two characters, a warrior and a priest, that we play together. They’re draeni, which are these enormous, noble, … Continue reading

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