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Ah, back from a long and glorious weekend vacation. Sailor Boy’s family took a house down the shore, as they say, and we spent the weekend fishing, boating, eating crabs, looking at the horses and chickens in the nearby barn … Continue reading

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As those who follow me on Twitter know, I recently came across some really bad advice that is making the rounds among the aspiring writer circles and forums on the internet. There are two different prongs to this exceptionally crappy … Continue reading

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Today on Genreality I break down my recent discussion with my editor regarding my latest revisions letter. A must read for writers out there wondering what it’s like to work on revisions with an editor!

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Battle Royale is on Netflix Instant right now, so the other night, Sailor Boy and I sat down to watch. It’s not my usual type of film at all, and I probably wouldn’t have even heard of it, except it … Continue reading

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Did you guys hear about this whole plagiarism scandal? So apparently this (former) board member of an RWA chapter was selling self-published and micropress published stories that were actually written for Harlequin by authors like Liz Fielding and Julie Kenner. … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten a lot of emails this weekend (because somehow folks think I’m some sort of RWA spokesperson?) about the current kerfuffle over some RWA chapter I’ve never heard of prohibiting homosexual romances in their published novel contest (a contest … Continue reading

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There has been a lot of discussion recently on the state of love triangles in the current crop of YA literature. Most of the discussion has focused on how gosh darn prevalent it is, with a lot of the usual … Continue reading

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So this is the week I’m going to show you all the For Darkness Shows the Stars cover, which is my favorite of all my covers. But before I can talk about the cover, I want to talk about the … Continue reading

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There you are! Eight whole glorious days (except for this weekend, and next Tuesday, when I have Q-duty) in which to: clean out my bedroom write a short story clean out my office proof SS #1: F write approximately 35,000 … Continue reading

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Perhaps you have heard about the current internet hub-bub surrounding the Monstromology series by Rick Yancey. If not, go here for an interview with him to see what the current state of the series (and the drama) is. In short: … Continue reading

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