Current and Upcoming Projects (mid-2009 edition)

I’ve been getting a lot of email this week asking me what I’m doing next (and usually suggesting a fifth SSG book, which, no). I’ll admit, it’s a little curious, given that they have to come to the site to send me said email, and the home page of my website says exactly what my current and upcoming projects are. I’m not particularly secretive about it. Should I give a pass to the people who have asked through Facebook? Surely even Facebook cultists have heard of Google, right?

Anyway, for those who may have missed it, other than TAP & GOWN, my upcoming North American release schedule includes:

Mind Rain: Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld’s UGLIES Series

Released by BenBella Books, June 2, 2009

In Extras, the last book in Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, Aya tells us that when Tally Youngblood made the mind-rain fall, it cured all the pretties and changed the world forever. But Tally and her friends did more than change their world; they changed ours too.

Mind-Rain continues what Tally started, with startling, funny and insightful essays on the world, characters and ideas of the Uglies series, plus the short story that inspired Westerfeld to write the books in the first place.

Think you know everything about Tally’s world? After Mind-Rain, you’ll never look at the Uglies series the same way again.



Released by Harper Teen, August 26, 2009

Forget everything you ever knew about unicorns…

The sparkly, innocent creatures of lore are a myth. Real unicorns are venomous, man-eating monsters with huge fangs and razor-sharp horns. And they can only be killed by virgin descendants of Alexander the Great.

Fortunately, unicorns have been extinct for a hundred and fifty years.

Or not.


That bring us to the end of the summer. Then there’s a bit of a dry spell until fall of 2010, which marks the release of two more of my contracted-but-far-from-released projects:

  • Untitled Killer Unicorn Book 2 (I have a working title, but there’s no telling whether it will stick)
  • Untitled Short Story (well, I have a title, but I haven’t gotten the final word about its acceptance) in an anthology I don’t think I’m allowed to announce, but it’s probably not hard for y’all to guess, and which promises to rock all of our worlds.

And then, my dear friends, we come to the end…of my list of contracted books. It’s a magical time in every writer’s life where she gets to throw a ton of projects at the wall like so many wet spaghetti noodles, and see what sticks. I am currently boiling four spaghetti noodles in preparation for my little game of wall baseball.

  1. One is not a YA project, and is unlike anything I have written before.
  2. One is a YA project, and is unlike anything I have written before.
  3. One might be a YA project, and is unlike anything I have written before.
  4. One shares only one abovementioned characteristics with any of the others.

But in between then and now, I have a ton of work to do on those other two contracted projects I mentioned, as well as a bunch of work to do on some cool promotional things for the upcoming release of Rampant. Somehow I hadn’t really realized this was going to be such a huge transitional year for me.


(Inspired by Holly Black.)

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9 Responses to Current and Upcoming Projects (mid-2009 edition)

  1. So, #4 is that thing you are writing about me, right? And I get to be the cover model?

  2. Kelly says:

    I absolutely LOVE that description of Rampant!

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    Does it matter if the descendant of ATG is male or female, or is the only requirement that they be a virgin?

  4. Heather says:

    Diana, over the past year you have made some recommendations in your blog about awesome books (YA and other genres) Do you have a compiled list somewhere? I started to look into YA and I am completely overwhelmed with the volume of material in the bookstore. Any suggestions?

  5. Diana says:

    Spacelord: Absolutely, Pat.

    Kelly: thank you very much, though I’m not sure what other description there’s been?

    PR: female, virgin, descendant of alexander the great. It’s a thing.

    Heather: What kind of book are you looking for? Fantasy? Realism? Dark? Light? Older? Younger? Romantic? otherwise?

  6. Heather says:

    I really don’t know. Probably older but fantasy/dark/light/romantic are viable options.

  7. Diana says:

    Hi, Heather!

    Okay, read anything by Scott Westerfeld? UGLIES (first in a trilogy) is set in a future society where everyone gets plastic surgery to be beautiful when they turn 16. Also, hoverboards. The Midnighters books (start with The Secret Hour) are about a group of teens born at midnight who live in a town that freezes at midnight for an hour, except for them. In that hour, they have special powers… and the monsters come out. Peeps and The last Days are vampire books, except vampirism is a sexually transmitted disease, and the world’s coming to an end.

    Holly Black’s Modern Faerie Tale series are dark urban fairy tales — my favorite is VALIANT, which is a Beauty and the Beast story about teen runaways in New York and work as drug runners for a troll who lives under hte Brooklyn Bridge.

    Laurie Halse Anderson is AMAZING. My favorite book by her is SPEAK, but she just came out with this other one called Wintergirls which is about a girl with anorexia.

    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is another futuristic, this one set in a horrible dystopia where children are forced to compete in a reality television show, to the death. It was amazing.

    Marianne Mancusi’s newest is called GAMER GIRL, it’s a younger YA that’s basically like You’ve Got Mail, but with World of Warcraft. A little bit lighter than some of the others I mentioned.

    My Life as a Rhombus by Varian Johnson is an unusual (and beautifully designed) book about math and love and friendship and secrets and sex.

    My crit partner, Carrie Ryan, has her debut out right now, called THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, and it’s amazing. Kind of The Handmaid’s Tale meets Dawn of the Dead.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton of books, bu that might get you started.

  8. Heather says:

    thanks Diana I will add these to my TBR pile!

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