It’s gorgeous and sunny in DC today (for once) and I am home with Q, who is making lots of noise as I type this. She is a big talker, this baby. (I wonder where she gets it from?) She has a few words: Dada, Rio, uh-oh, and hi. Sailor Boy insists she says Mama, too, but I only hear it when she’s crying, and gosh darn it, I don’t think that should count.

Right now, Rio is scratching at the back door to be let in, and Q is standing on the other side of that door, going “Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio!” They have a beautiful love, my two girls.

Hey, guess what? I got my cover for For Darkness Shows the Stars. Is v. pretty. I shall show it to you very soon.

Also, I’m getting a lot of questions about the unicorn in my last post. This one:

And why it is standing so calmly near sheep. My guess is it’s full?

The picture, non-photoshopped, was taken by my agency sister, G Marie Merante, at a vineyard near her home.

Yes, there are unicorns. What, you think I’m writing fantasy? Ha!

In other news, I’m catching up on my reading. I’m headed to the NINC conference next week and there are all these books I want to have read before I go — like the newest series by Julie Leto, and Dark Passage by MJ Putney.

Speaking of Putney, have you read DARK MIRROR? That’s the first in the series. It is an awesome time travel fantasy that takes place in a magical Regency England AND World War II.

When was the last time YOU read a WWII book?You should totally read this one. It’s magic and Dunkirk and Mary Jo Putney. What is not to love?

That’s why I’m giving away a SIGNED copy this week.

Leave a comment here to enter. Goes through the weekend.

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24 Responses to DARK MIRROR Giveaway

  1. awesome giveaway, sounds like a great read and the cover is really cool!

  2. Allison says:

    Oooh, that sounds like a fantastic book!

  3. Great giveaway! I’ve been excited to read this one.

    Also, I love the unicorn pic.

  4. Ashley says:

    Ooh can’t wait to see the cover!

    ‘Dark Mirror’ sounds absolutely fabulous; I’ve heard good things about it.

  5. Angie says:

    I’m glad to hear you recommend this one. I’ve been wondering about it for awhile now. Sounds great!

  6. eli yanti says:

    wow… love to win this book

    love the cover too =D

  7. Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. Tiff says:

    Sure, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I heart time travel. =)

  9. G says:

    I’d love to win: throw my hat in, please.

  10. Rafa says:

    The book sounds amazing!

  11. Ashley says:

    This looks like a great read! I love historical fiction. 🙂

  12. Rach V.Baldacchino says:

    This book sounds like an awesome read!

  13. JoLee says:

    I just recently finished Ruby Red and ever since have been yearning to read another good time travel novel.

  14. Kelly says:

    I’d love to receive a copy of M.J. Putney’s novel, Dark Mirror. And, I LOVE unicorns, especially killer unicorns! 🙂

  15. Meagan says:

    looks interesting last WWII book I listened to was Tamar and I loved it!!

  16. Lauren says:

    Last WW2 book was the outstanding duo of Blackout/ All Clear by Connie Willis. Have been wanting more ever since!

  17. Virginia says:

    Does Outlander by Diana Gabaldon count as WW2? I know it counts as time travel. I hadn’t heard of Dark Mirror before this post, but my curiosity is now piqued.

  18. Dulce says:

    WWII AND Regency??? Sign me up!!

  19. Michael says:

    I’ve been meaning to read that book since I read a review on Goodreads. I’d love to win it!

  20. Amy says:

    give aways?? I like give aways… especially because I don’t have any money to buy the books I would love to read. (This one being on the very long list….)

  21. Cathy says:

    I really liked this book quite a lot. I checked it out of the library, and would love to own a copy. I’m also eagerly awaiting the library system to get the sequel in (Dark Passage) so I can read it, too….


  22. Kel says:

    Haven’t read it but it sounds really good. I’d loved to win it!!


  23. I am ashamed to admit I\’ve never read and WWII books. (hangs head in shame) Dark Mirror sounds like a great place to start!

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