Here I am at the NINC Conference in sunny-but-cold Florida. And, last night I ran into none other than MJ Putney herself, which reminded me I had yet to pick a winner for the DARK MIRROR giveaway contest, so I asked her to pick a random number, and she did, and that number was seventeen, which makes VIRGINIA our winner.

Virginia, I know you’re out there. Email me.

In other news, there’s an interview with me up at Reading Underground, the teen blog of the Charleston Public Library (So excited for YALLFest, Y’ALL.) Did I mention I’ll have a For Darkness Shows the Stars ARC there?

What, you say? You want a For Darkness Shows the Stars snippet? Well, okay, since you asked very, very nicely:

Olivia’s song ended, but Donovan merely turned his music into something wilder, a more obvious dancing tune. A cheer went up from the assembled crowd. Several couples even rose from their picnic blankets to dance beneath the glowing lanterns. Kai gave his hand to Olivia to help her down from the porch steps. She tugged him toward the dancers, and after a moment, he joined her. Elliot stared down at her lap.

“Aren’t they a lovely couple?,” Andromeda said.

“Please go away.”

Okay, off to conference.

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2 Responses to DARK MIRROR Winner

  1. Tiff says:

    I’m totally drawing the comparisons to Persuasion right now…

    Love it.

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