Fan Drinks: The Hot New Thing

Oh wow, you guys. Just found the coolest thing — some folks in a book club made a Rampant-themed cocktail called “The Remedy.” (Obviously, these are over-21 types in this book group.) It’s a prickly pair daiquiri with a hornfruit garnish and… wait for it… pop rocks. I can’t even.

This is what it looks like.

And this is how you make it:

I think this goes right up there on the list of most awesome things of all time. Like penicillin, and velcro.

And how much do I love that it’s a modified daiquiri. Daiquiris –real daiquiris– are one of my five favorite cocktails, and no one makes them anymore.* I’m not talking about that frozen pink slushie thing people call daiquiris, but the real, old-school, “no really, this is medicine” deal the British colonials used to quaff in the Caribbean to fight off scurvy and malaria.

Which makes it perfect for the Remedy. And the horn fruit. And the pop rocks! Kudos, bartender.

And one of the cool things about this is that you could probably pull of a virgin one (ha ha, pun intended) if you are an actual YA. I think if you took maybe prickly pear nectar, limeade, and the aforementioned pop rocks and hornfruit garnish. So there you go. Totally YA appropriate, too.

I aim to please.

Now I’m off to get my hands on some of those ingredients so I can make my own!

Via the fabulous Rampant Reads. (Naturally.)


* It’s actually pretty hard to get your hands on most of my favorite cocktails, as Meagan Spooner found out not so long ago when we went to a bar and the bartender looked at me bugeyed when I asked for a gimlet. We ended up, out of desperation, having cosmos, which — I don’t even know what that says about the state of bartending these days. It’s a good thing that this fellow in the video is there to save that noble profession for everyone.

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2 Responses to Fan Drinks: The Hot New Thing

  1. Julie Leto says:

    Coolest thing ever!!!!

  2. Yay! We are so glad you love the drink! Our bartender is fabulous at making themed drinks for our books, and this was definitely the most popular one to date!