For Darkness Shows the Stars ARC: February Giveaway

I am in possession of a few extra, precious, For Darkness Shows the Stars ARCs. So I’m giving one away this week.

This book isn’t coming out until June, but people are saying it’s my best yet.

Well, by “people” I mostly mean my mom, and I suspect she’s a little biased, seeing as how it’s dedicated to her.

Anyway, not out until June, but you could read it early if you win this lovely, lovely ARC. I’ll even sign it.

I’ll definitely put a killer unicorn bookmark inside, owing to the fact that I haven’t made For Darkness bookmarks yet.

(In passing, so there’s this video game called “The Darkness II” that I don’t know anything about, but I keep seeing advertisements for whenever I watch Hulu+, since I watch on a Playstation and it’s a Playstation game, so now whenever I call my new book “For Darkness”, which I do a lot,  I get this little ping in my head of “We’ve come for the Darkness, Jackie,” which is the line of dialogue from the commercial. I doubt highly that these two things have anything in common with each other aside from the word “Darkness” though, since the video game appears to be about a hitman who can wield demonic forces.)

My new manuscript I usually call PIMP, which is a concept thing, like PAP; Carrie usually calls Poppy, which is a character thing; and my editor calls something else entirely based on its working title, which I totally love and hope I get to keep and not going to tell you. How’s that for being secretive?

Back to the ARC giveaway. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us one of the following things:

1. What is your favorite “Jane Austen” moment? It does not have to be from the books proper. For instance, my first favorite Jane Austen moment is Captain Wentworth’s letter. My second favorite Jane Austen moment is the look Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy gives to Jennifer Ehle’s Lizzie when she helps Georgiana play after Caroline Bingley makes a crack about Wickham at Pemberley. My third favorite Jane Austen moment is when Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone sit on the steps of her house. My fourth favorite is the scene in Emma when Mr Knightley almost, but does not quite, kiss Emma’s hand. My fifth is Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon, full stop. (I could go on. A lot. I shall spare you, though.)

2. If you do not have a favorite Jane Austen moment, explain yourself PLEASE.

Contest runs through Friday. Yes, international is eligible.

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98 Responses to For Darkness Shows the Stars ARC: February Giveaway

  1. alissa says:

    I love P&P’s chapter 58 where Lizzy and Darcy debrief one another. Especially Darcy saying

    “Did it,” said he, “did it soon make you think better of me?” He’s come so far from Mr. Grumpypants at the Netherfield ball.

    I just watched the Emma Thompson/Ang Lee Sense and Sensibility, and I loved the part when Edward finally visits and tells them he isn’t married and Emma Thompson has Elinor cry in real honking sobs that end with her smiling.

    That script is full of clever well done things. The way that Margaret so often says things that Elinor cannot.

  2. So. Many. Moments. I must make a list!

    1) Sense and Sensibility (the Ang Lee movie): when Emma Thompson (Elinor) realizes that Hugh Grant (Edward) isn’t married and burst into tears.

    2) when Marianne is ill. Emma Thompson’s crippling grief and the look on Alan Rickman’s face when he begs Elinor to give him something to do or he will run mad. *sob*

    3) Northanger Abbey: I love how Catherine is sooo disappointed when instead of romantic or shocking letters she finds someone’s old laundry bill in the wardrobe! LOL, such a fun book!

    4) The letter in Persuasion (Best. Moment. Ever.)

    5) Knightly’s proposal (*sigh*)

    6) Darcy and Elizabeth’s conversation over the piano at Lady Catherine’s (The wit. And the flirting!) Actually I love all of their flirty conversations. Books should have more verbal sparring!

    7) the way Darcy is so worried when Elizabeth doesn’t come to dinner that he rushes over to the parsonage to check on her. And just as abruptly leaves. And she has NO CLUE.

    (I’d should stop there. This could go on a while.)

  3. B.Rose says:

    My favorite moment is when Elizabeth realizes what Darcy has done in convincing Wickham to marry her sister – because he did it even despite her mistreatment of him previously, and with no guarantee of being thanked for his efforts.

  4. michelle says:

    If we are talking Jane Austen Movies, my favorite moments would have to be when Cpt. Wentworth comes in to ask Anne’s dad if he can marry her, and Elizabeth and their dad are like, “Anne? Why would you want to marry Anne?” And Wentworth and Harville are both trying to keep their smiles on. I also love the look that Fanny gives Crawford after they both go back to Mansfield after Tom is sick.

    For the books, I love the courtship poem in Emma. I love Darcy’s letter in P&P – how did she not see that coming? I love just about any scene with Mr. Collins and Mr. Bennet at the same time. I love when Anne advises Cpt. Benwick that he should read more prose. I could go on and on…

  5. Chenise J. says:

    I’ll be completely honest and admit I have never read a Jane Austen novel. I’ve heard so many great things about and I realize how significant they are in the literary world but for some reason unbeknownst to me, I just haven’t read them.

    I think part of me is intimidated at the fact of reading them. I don’t want to be disappointed. But after reading some of these comments… I think I’ll be okay.

    They will be read soon. Promise!

  6. Thebluewriter says:

    One of my favourite monment is when Louisa falls and hits her head.Then,Wentworth insists on Anne remaining with Louisa because she’s the most capable.
    Also,I liked the letter moment.I felt so happy for them and hopeful.
    Good luck with your further writing!

    P.S. Perhaps something similar with P&P?

  7. Hayley G says:

    My favourite moment is from Mansfield Park when Fanny Price first arrives at Mansfield Park and is sad and scared and Edmund comforts her in her time of need. Haha this has always been my favourite Austen read! 🙂

  8. Ruby says:

    I love the bit in Persuasion where Wentworth sends Anne off in his sister’s carriage because he notices that she’s tired from the walk. Anne thinks he’s trying to get rid of her, but in reality, he’s actually looking out for her.

  9. I love the Pride & Prejudice (movie version with Kiera Knightly) where Darcy declares his live for Lizzy the first time. Of course, she rejects him right after but I love the moment anyway!

  10. Jackie says:

    My favorite Jane Austen moment was when Mr. Darcy confessed his true feelings to Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. I know that this is a very common book to refer Jane Austen as, but this book displayed the pinnacle of her work describing the power of women. What really stood out was how Elizabeth doesn’t stereotypically fall into Mr. Darcy’s arms, which really shows how independent women can be, and that just because someone proposed to you, it doesn’t mean you lose you’re sense of mind and say “YES” on the whim. Not only did Mr. Darcy confess in Chapter 34, but he finally had the guts to give into love, which was a really girly moment for me. Having Elizabeth, in a way, reject him, the story becomes more twisty, interesting, and emotional. The mixed emotions and confusing love makes this one of my favorite books that didn’t make me dislike the dainty aspects of being a girl.