For Darkness Shows the Stars (Finally!)

Today is the day I’ve been dreaming about for over two and a half years, ever since I first agreed to write this book for Harper.

FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS is out in the world!

I cannot wait for readers to finally discover my Elliot and my Kai and the harsh, beautiful world they live in. I can’t wait for people to read the heartbreaking love letters they sent to each other over the years. And, fortunately, I don’t have to. It’s in bookstores now!

People have already been sending me pictures of glimpses in the wild (sometimes it’s on shelves a little early), and forwarding me notices from Amazon that the book has shipped. I’ll be spending the next few days visiting local bookstores armed with sharpies and bookmarks. And then I’ll come back here and post about where you can find signed books by me.

Here are a few of the aforementioned “in the wild” pictures:

On the left, a shot from One More Page Books in Arlington, VA. On the right, Tiff sent me a photo from O! Canada.

Oh, and guest blogging. I seem to have gone a little bit mad with the guest blogging.

For instance, here I am at Uniquely Moi discussing not For Darkness, but rather my current free short story anthology, Eternal Spring. Find out why I decided to write a story starring a B– (in Apt. 23) like Melissende.

Here I am at Nose in a Book answering very important questions like, “Is your favorite Sherlock RDJ or Cumberbatch?” (Answer: neither, but you’ll have to click through to see who I did pick.)

And last, but not least, head on over to Making the Grade Reviews to see an interview that’s ACTUALLY about For Darkness Shows the Stars, complete with swaggerific giveaway!

Okay, fine, one more (because I have art): Here’s Cecelia Bedelia’s Teaser Tuesday, where she talks about her favorite quote from For Darkness and shares the fact that she read it in one sitting (signed copy pictured below — this was a BEA get, I believe, though I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Cecelia there, since I’ve met her before).

How exciting is this? Eight books and it never gets old… I should see if I can make Sailor Boy take me out for dinner tonight. Somehow, macaroni and cheese (even MY macaroni and cheese, which my family thinks is crazy good) doesn’t seem equal to the celebration. Maybe macaroni and champagne?

Yes. Definitely champagne.

P.S. If you have your own pictures of For Darkness Shows the Stars in the wild, send them to diana AT dianapeterfreund DOT com, or twitter them @dpeterfreund. Thank you so much for celebrating with me!

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10 Responses to For Darkness Shows the Stars (Finally!)

  1. Cecelia says:

    Oh, YAY! My photo made the round-up! I was at BEA, just at the veeeerrry end of that super-long signing line, and I didn’t stop to say much, because everyone was in sort of a haze, zombie marching toward the table. I’ll make up for it with a longer chat later this month at Hooray for Books! And YES, I LOVED IT. *happy, tired sigh*

  2. Connie Onnie says:

    I was so glad I found it last night even if I am currently at work after staying up all night to finish reading For Darkness Shows the Star. I really wish I could have stayed home and started reading it again! It was worth wait and more!!! The bookstore was closing otherwise I would have gotten a picture of it.

  3. JoLee says:

    I do love Data as Sherlock. Can’t wait to read the new book!

    • Diana says:

      Me too!

      Hey, how are you feeling?

      • JoLee says:

        Diana, I’m doing well! The baby is 3 months old now, and I feel like we are emerging from the new-baby-induced haze. It’s nice to be more engaged with the world again.

  4. Thanks for being part of our interview! It was a blast and I can’t wait to read For Darkness Shows the Stars!

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