Foreign Books and Foreign Sales

I’m amassing quite a collection of foreign editions of Morning Glory:

Look at all those different covers. The Brazilian one (which just came in and so is not included in this picture) has the same cover as the French one (top right).

And there’s other fun stuff, like the sticker on the Korean one proclaiming the screenwriter’s history with The Devil Wears Prada:

And the fact that my name, in Czech, is apparently Diana Peterfreundova:

Makes me sound like a spy in a Cold-War era James Bond film, dah?

Given that I was named for a Bond spy, I’m okay with that.

And of course, there’s the way the Spanish version doesn’t use quotes for dialogues, but instead, em-dashes:

Very Emily Dickinson.

I have done a lot of foreign deals over the years, but most of my books have used the same art as the US versions. So it’s fun, for once, to see the different covers.

Speaking of foreign deals, I have some big news for my Brazilian readers. Editora Record, the publishers of the rest of the secret society girl series, has made me an offer on book four, Tap & Gown. And, in case you can’t get enough of my books, they’ve ALSO bought my fantasy novels, Rampant and Ascendant. I’m so excited to be able to bring the conclusion of the series to my Brazilian readers as well as to introduce them to my fantasy novels as well.

Off to write!

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3 Responses to Foreign Books and Foreign Sales

  1. Tiff says:

    FYI, that sticker is on the Chinese one…Korean is the one on the bottom right. =)

    Congrats on all of the book sales! What’s this about a TV interview?!

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