Free Ebook: ETERNAL SPRING (Killer Unicorns Within!)

The ebook anthology Eternal Spring is currently Free on Kindle, Kobo, Diesel, and Smashwords.

That’s right: FREE. How’s that for a Memorial Day treat?

Includes stories from 13 young adult authors: Juli Alexander, Amanda Brice, Carey Corp, Stephanie Dray, Leslie DuBois, Lois Lavrisa, P.R. Mason, Jennifer McAndrews, Renee Pace, Rhonda Stapleton, Tawny Stokes, Alicia Street, and yours truly. It’s very much been a labor of love for all of us, and especially for Amanda Brice and Tawny Stokes, who spearheaded the entire project.

Contained within it is my story, “On a Field, Sable” which is about the unicorn hunter Melissende and a special surprise guest of the killer unicorn variety. It takes place after the events of ASCENDANT.

Check it out, free!

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