Friday Fun Stuff

I’m battling a cold and sub-freezing temperatures (why, DC? Why?) so let’s keep it cheery today.

First up, BenBella, the publisher of my new anthology Shadowhunters and Downworlders, a Mortal Instruments Companion, is doing a fun, illustrated excerpt thing on their tumblr. Here’s my fave:

See them all here.

What else? Um, I’ve been typing away on new proposals, in hopes that soon, I will have new books to offer you.

I’m told that we’ll be revealing the cover for Across A Star-Swept Sea next month sometime.

TV has started up again. Parks and Rec keeps getting better and better. Every time I think I’ve watched the funniest and simultaneously most heartwarming half hour yet, they top it. How do they do it?

How I Met Your Mother, which I’ve been a devoted follower of for what — seven years? — has really turned it around in the last few episodes. I spent the first half-season complaining constantly that they’d better get on with it, and I was so annoyed that they’d turned the whole show into a sort of slapstick revue of Barney’s sexual conquests. It used to be so great — hilarious and character driven, with real heart and complex people. But it had lately just gone so lowest common denominator — Ted was only a pompous ass, Barney was only an over-the-top louse, Lily was only a shrill sex fiend, Marshall was only a goofy manchild, Robin was only… I dunno, a seriously f-ed up hot chick. I kept saying to SB, “Ted better turn it around if he’s going to be worthy of the mom.”

And then in the last few episodes, they kind of found their voice again. One of the relationships I always really loved on that show was Lily and Ted. Because Lily is one of Ted’s best friends too, and their conversation on the rooftop really reminded me of the one they had out on the highway in Connecticut in season one. Also, that whole confetti thing was priceless.

So I’m hopeful now, that it’ll end well. Come on, HIMYM. Make it happen.

And, finally, on the subject of TV: Community‘s return is sooooooooon. Yay.

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2 Responses to Friday Fun Stuff

  1. AngieK says:

    These last couple of episodes are the first time in a while that I haven’t been saying, ‘Meet the damn mother, already.’ Speaking of which, anyone who has ever been a mother and hasn’t experienced what Lilly fessed up to feeling hasn’t been honest. Since it seems that Barney and Robin will actually have a wedding in May, and the cast signed on for another season, do you think the show will morph into something new next year?

    Props for Parks & Rec & Community. Must have another paintball episode.

    • Diana says:

      Yeah, I definitely felt for Lily there. It was nice to see her get some actual development, since she’s mostly been played for laughs all season, and though the show deals a lot with Ted, Marshall, and Robin’s professional frustrations, they hardly ever touch on the fact that Lily has almost entirely given up her dreams. We never again hear about her “art for pets” website.

      I think even if he MEETS the mom at the end of this season, they can spend a whole season showing them falling in love. I mean, I need more pay off than “Hi, I’m Ted.” “Hi, I’m the Mom,” don’t you? I’d like to see it.