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I know Rampant hasn’t come out yet, but it looks really interesting (vicious killer unicorns as a short reprieve from all the vampire drama and werewolf angst? Dude, count me in). The problem: I only read series books. I’m a freak I know, but I hate getting invested in characters only for their story to end way too abruptly. So, my question: Is Rampant going to be part of a series, or will it just be a stand alone novel?
Series Freak

Dear Series Freak,
You’re in luck. I’m writing a sequel to Rampant right this very moment. Stay tuned for more news on that front, and for more news on additional stories set in the killer unicorn world.
Epically Yours,


Hi, I was self-googling and I found my name in your book. Topher Cox is kind of an odd name, and one that was a fencer even more odd. I was just curious as to how that happened. Not a big deal, just wondering.
Or, is it just a coincidence?
I should read the book to see what he is like.

Dear Topher,
It’s just a coincidence. I named the character after the actor Topher Grace from That 70’s Show. You are not, however, the first person to email me about having the same name as a character. I now understand why J.K. Rowling uses unusual names like “Hermione.” She has stated that she didn’t want school children with the same name as the character facing ridicule (however, since Hermione is one of the most awesome characters in the book, and the names Harry and Ron are far more common — especially in that age group in England, given that there’s a young prince by the name of Harry — I can’t imagine how that argument holds water). I have also heard from an Amy Haskel, and, at my brother’s wedding, I met a young woman who knew a Jamie Orcutt and didn’t like him at all.
I’ve also already heard from a few Llewellyns who are not happy that Astrid spells her name with only three Ls. People are very particular about names. I understand this. I’m very particular about names myself.
Finally, I feel I should warn you in advance of reading the book: the character Topher is not he world’s nicest guy.
Hello! My name is,


I love all three of your books. I read them over and over again. Are there going to be any more?
Missing Out

Dear Missing,
You’re in luck! While on my website sending me this email, you may have noticed a few mentions of my latest book, Tap & Gown. It’s number 4 in the series and it’s already on shelves!
Glad I Could Help,


I love all four of your books. I read them over and over. Won’t you please, please please write more in that series? [Insert suggestions for how to write more, including following Amy after graduation, following the new tap class, coming back many years later a’la Before Sunset, etc.] Also A Series Freak

Dear Also,
Thank you so much for reading. Tap & Gown is, alas, the last book about Amy and Rose & Grave. If you wish to read more in that series, I recommend giving the free secret stories on my website a try. Though I appreciate your suggestions, I feel confident that I have said everything about Amy and the secret societies at Eli that there is for me to say. Perhaps some day I shall write a short epilogue, but I’m not feeling it now. I’m up to my ears in teenagers and killer unicorns, and after that — sorry to all the series freaks out there — I’m going to write a few stand-alones for a fresh change in pace. Stay tuned for more news on that front.
Sorry I Couldn’t Help, but Do Give Those Killer Unicorns a Try,

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5 Responses to From the Mailbag

  1. Brynne says:

    In Welsh, it IS spelled “Llewelyn”, the single L being a different sound than the double. So your spelling is “correct” insofar as being pronounced in Welsh. 🙂

    To be honest I would be delighted to come across my name in a book, regardless of the kind of character who had it…though I’d be a little irritated if the character was a boy. I realize “Brynne”/”Bryn” is androgynous, but nevertheless….

  2. Rob Charron says:

    Hi 🙂
    Thank you for sharing. This was a great blog post.
    Fun and informative.
    Looking forward to reading RAMPART.
    Love from Northern Ontario

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    Are any of your characters ever deliberate tuckerizations, Diana?

  4. Diana says:

    I’ve seen it both ways, Brynne. I was just surprised at hte pique that I dared to spell it a certain way. Considering that, since I’ve had a book out, I’ve heard from many Peterfriends, I don’t know why people get up in arms about these things!

    Funny you should ask, PR. My husband is on the phone with our friend Brandon right now. Though I wouldn’t say that was deliberate. I didn’t realize until after the project had sold that I’d done it. D’oh! Should have seen the poor guy at our wedding. Everyone was like, “Brandon? You’re THAT Brandon?”

  5. PurpleRanger says:

    I’m impressed. You didn’t even ask.