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First of all, Sailor Boy and I hit Level 24 with our “adorable couple” group on World of Warcraft. We started these two characters, a warrior and a priest, that we play together. They’re draeni, which are these enormous, noble, squid/goat/Klingon/human looking things. So cute. No, really. The female draeni, in particular, are the most bootylicious characters in the game. Plus, we have tails. And we speak with Russian accents.

So pardon me for a moment while I geek out about how awesome my draeni priestess and her linebacker warrior draeni luvah are.

But we’re not done with Diana’s descent into geekiness yet. Oh no, my friends, we’re just getting started.

So we’re playing WOW, and we’re in this area called Redfall, and there’s a merchant there, and as soon as I saw her name, I almost lost control of the keyboard. Amy Davenport.

Okay, a lot of you don’t think that’s funny. But here’s why you are wrong. In my book, the main character, Amy, lives in Prescott College, which is the alternate-universe twin to a college at Yale called Davenport. Sometimes Yalies ask me if Amy is in Pierson college, which I suppose makes sense, given that the words Pierson and Prescott look alike, and Pierson and Davenport are right next to one another. But no.

Other times, they ask me why I put her in Davenport/Prescott, when I wasn’t in that college. (“Um, because I’m not Amy?”) Seriously, though, the very simple answer to that is that in the first scene, when I envisioned her in her room, it was Sailor Boy’s junior year suite, which is a really gorgeous suite, and I’ve been told by all the Davenporters who read the book that they knew instantly what room she was in because it’s often the first round draft pick for the junior year room draw. Go, Amy and Lydia!

(And when you read Under the Rose, you’ll learn that they liked the room so much that they decided to deprive a whole year of juniors from getting it by “squatting.”)

But it turned out to fit really well, especially given the character of the college and the development of George Prescott as a main plot point. Yay for serendipity and synergy, yeah?

Still, I couldn’t resist sticking my college dorm room in there at least once. There is a scene in “my” room in Under the Rose.

One last bit of geekiness before I’m off to New York City: The Galley Gallery. If you’re an author and you want a picture of your galleys/ARCs, or a picture of you *with* your galleys/ARCs, let me know!

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16 Responses to Geeky Things

  1. Emma Wayne Porter says:

    LOL I feel like I’ve been outed, in a way.

    DH and I play SWG. He tried WoW. I couldn’t handle the abnormally elongated forearms myself, but that’s just me. 8 million other people can’t be wrong, I guess.

    Glad you’re having fun, though.


  2. Celeste says:

    That’s so funny!

    I played Sims2 yesterday. Not the vampires though. I grew some teenagers up and sent them to college.

    I would be in danger if I played WOW. I would never have time to write. At least with Sims2, I get bored after a while… although that icon is looking rather tempting today… Maybe I’ll use it as a reward.

  3. Jaci Burton says:

    game geek *g*

    I can’t wait to read Under the Rose (hint hint hint hint hint hint hint)

    And I love the ARCs page. Your pic with UTR is great!

    Have fun in NY. 🙂

  4. Annie says:

    I have a lvl 20 shaman and love her! The draenai are totally bootylicious! But I haven’t been playing her… been caught up in my little gnome mage. 🙂

    Have fun in NYC!

  5. Shannon Stacey says:

    As somebody who could barely figure out Neopia, that all sounds really cool, but way beyond me.

    I love the Galley Gallery! I hope a lot of authors send photos in. I know I would.


  6. ERiCA says:

    Celeste: Ohhhh, Sims2. That’s my favorite time-suck ever. Love, love, love that game.

    Haven’t tried WoW yet, but have been tipped that it might be a great “hobby” to sic on my other half so that he’ll let me write in peace… (thanks D!)

  7. Eva Gale says:

    I am terrified of buying that game and never writing another word. But I want it soooo bad.

  8. Patrick says:

    Well, looks like we lost another writer… She’s so into WoW, we aren’t even getting new posts.

  9. PixelFish says:

    Woot, I love it when people out themselves as geeks.

    I’ve got my Draenei on Garona. They are my favourite Alliance race.(My primary, a level 66 troll hunter, is on Lightbringer.) I used to play a lot more, but now I only play when I have time scheduled with family or friends, particularly those in other states. My siblings even threw me a birthday party in WoW, since they live two states away, and it was the only way we could all hang out.

  10. CaesarsGhost says:

    le scream

  11. jo leigh says:

    As it happens, I’m going to be joining the WoW universe shortly because the hero of my next book (which will hopefully turn into a series) is a game designer. It’s like learning a new language and culture. Any hints for a newbie?

  12. Sarah Beth Durst says:

    Hi, Diana. I love the Galley Gallery! Thanks so much for doing this, and for including my picture. Looking at everyone’s galley photos helped me relive the very fun day when I took mine. I hope more people send in their pictures soon!

    And I really enjoyed seeing your pictures from Paula Chase’s launch party. Paula and Laura are both in a debut author group with me, the Class of 2k7. From where do you know them?

  13. Patrick says:

    Ok, I guess I’ll break the news since she is a little too caught up to blog.

    Diana is pregnant.

  14. Diana Peterfreund says:

    By Patrick, no less.

    And if you think it was a shock to SB, you should have seen Patrick’s wife!

  15. Amanda Brice says:

    Hmmm…you totally lost me with the whole WoW thing.

    But I was highly entertained by your post about dorm room picks. Reminds me of my own college experience. We had some rooms like that, although I never lived in those dorms (my roommate was adament about wanting/needing air conditioning, so that meant we couldn’t go for any of the historic dorms….*sigh*).

    There was this one room that was really long and skinny called the bowling alley. It had this gorgeous bay window over top of one of the archways. It also overlooked Cameron Indoor Stadium (just across the street), and it was close enough that you could actually hear when the line monitors would come around with their bullhorns for “Tent checks” so the people who lived in that room literally never had to camp out. Not a bad set up.

    Needless to say, there was some squatting going on there, too.

    Anyway, your post makes me feel nostalgic for college. *sigh* Of course, staring The Big 3-0 in the face makes me nostalgic for college, too.

  16. Patrick says:

    Imagine MY shock! After that surgery, that’s not supposed to happen!

    Side Note: Generally a bad idea to make your surgeon laugh when operating on your “generals”