Getting Lost in a Cover Story

I’m off guest blogging again today. Here’s where you can find me:

At Melissa Walker’s blog, discussing the “Cover Story” behind the gorgeous cover of For Darkness Shows the Stars.

As a guest of Maureen McGowan at Get Lost in a Story, talking about For Darkness, foster dogs, the Queenie’s future singing career and the adventures of real-life shapeshifters. (There’s also a giveaway, so make sure to stop by!)

In other news, everyone wish my darling Rio a happy fourth birthday. I can’t believe it. And she’s every bit as gorgeous as the day we first got her.

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One Response to Getting Lost in a Cover Story

  1. Kate & Zena says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIO! You’re adorable as ever!

    Did Mommy make you a special meal for your birthday? Zena always gets rice and sauteed chicken for her birthday! Not to mention she gets a box full of Greenies. I swear, those things are crack for dogs.