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The news is out so I thought I’d share:



Com 30 mil cópias vendidas em seis meses, “O Livro das Princesas”, projeto da Galera Record que reuniu autoras brasileiras e americanas em novas versões de contos de fadas, rende crias. Sai em maio “O Livro dos Vilões”, com contos das americanas Cecily von Ziegesar (sobre as irmãs de Cinderela) e Diana Peterfreund (sobre Malévola) e dos brasileiros Carina Rissi (sobre a madrasta da Branca de Neve) e Fabio Yabu (sobre o Lobo Mau). Além disso, Paula Pimenta, uma das autoras de “O Livro das Princesas”, prepara um livro com a ampliação de sua versão para “Cinderela” e outro com releitura de “A Bela Adormecida”. – Folha de S.Paulo


A (sorta) translation, for the English speakers amongst us:

Princesses, The Sequel

With 30,000 copies sold in six months, “The Book of Princesses”, a Galera Record project which brought together Brazilian and American authors in contemporary versions of fairy tales, yields offspring. Out in May, “The Book of Villains,” with tales from Americans Cecily von Ziegesar (about Cinderella’s sisters) and Diana Peterfreund (about Maleficent) and Brazilians Carina Rissi (about the stepmother of Snow White) and Fabio Yabu (about the Big Bad Wolf). Also, Paula Pimenta, an author of “The Book of Princesses”, prepares a book with the expansion of its version of “Cinderella” and another with a retelling of “Sleeping Beauty.”

(So, Filhotes de Princesas translates literally to Puppies of Princesses, but speaking as someone who used to write cutesy headlines for little pieces like these, I’m pretty sure it’s the cutesy Brazilian version of Princesses 2: Electric Boogaloo.)

I am SO EXCITED to write this story! I’m a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty  and I’ve always thought that though the evil fairy kind of got out of hand with her revenge scheme, she does have a point about not being invited to the princess’s party. The release of the book is scheduled to coincide with the Angelina Jolie movie, Maleficent.

And I’m so excited to be working directly with Editora Record, the publisher of my Secret Society Girl and killer unicorn books, for the first time ever. I’ve never written directly for a foreign language before, so it’s been lots of fun trying to figure out a title that translates well, etc. Stay tuned for all the details.

Oh, and if you’re an English language publisher, anthologist, editor, etc. who is interested in getting your hands on this story, those right are available and I’m open to exploring my options to getting this to an English speaking audience as well (or any other language, for that matter). Drop me a line.

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