Happy November! (And Morning Glory Giveaway Winners)

I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since I’ve updated. Actually, I can. The little snapdragon has been keeping me pretty busy for the last six weeks, and it’s so hard to type one-handed!* I’ve been limited mostly to three a.m. twitter updates from my Droid**. I was talking to Carrie recently, and she was discussing some new thing going on in publishing, and I was all, “Look, if it doesn’t have to do with bouncers or breastfeeding, I am OUT OF THE LOOP.”

Y’all don’t even WANT to know when I heard about the Frey thing.

Other things I have not done: returned any of the three (count ’em!) contracts I’ve received since October, sent out giveaway prizes, posted the Ascendant spoiler thread (upcoming), dealt with a highly unfortunate oversight in the publication of Ascendant (also forthcoming), visited more than one book store to see my last three releases in the flesh (luckily, there’s a Borders ’round the corner from my house), or seen the film of Morning Glory.

In fact, the only business I’ve done at all in the past month and a half is accepting the aforementioned three new contracts. (Saying yes is apparently the easy part). So you will be seeing at least two short stories from me in new anthologies in 2011, and possibly three (I’m not sure about publication dates for that last one). Which is good, because we’ve also decided to push back publication of the post-apocalyptic Persuasion book to 2012, which has been a major load off my mind, as well as the mind of Sailor Boy, Rio, and I’m sure (though she doesn’t know it yet), the lil’ bit***.

But that’s okay. How long is maternity leave supposed to last if you have a day job? Twelve weeks? (Shut up, Canadians. I know you get twelve months.) I’m only half way through.  I miss it, though. I miss writing. I miss blogging — though if I have any spare time at all, I’m going to use it for writing.

Y’all don’t even want to know how many times i’ve been interrupted in the writing of this blog post.

Anyway, where was I?

Right, giveaway winners. And since I know I have to get these contracts out this week, I am also going to get the other giveaways out, too. I promise. I will enlist Sailor Boy, who is on paternity leave,******* and just do it. Meanwhile:



And since it’s been a month, I will go ahead and email you because otherwise, I’m sure you’ll never find these things.

Okay. Back to the rugrat. But I’ll be posting this week. I have two more big things to announce.


* I’m seriously considering Dragon-speak, or whatever the Mac equivalent is.

** My Droid, which I’ve named HALey, is one of my must-have baby items. It’s how I keep in touch with family and friends, the internet, and my reading.

*** She doesn’t have an official blog name yet. I was thinking Snapdragon, but SB and SD starts to get confusing. Good thing we have Rio to balance it out.**** And no, I’m not taking suggestions, since I know they’ll all be unicorn-tinged.***** And yes, I’m doing footnotes to footnotes, which not even Amy Haskel has attempted.******

**** Though Rio is Rio’s real name. She also answers to “baby girl” (talk about confusing!), “pretty girl”, “puppy” and “I’m currently opening something that at the very least sounds like a bag of potato chips.” (Seriously, she came running to the sound of a bag of baby wipes the other day.)

***** I’m pleased to see that most of my family and friends avoided the Dodgeball-like impulse they have to make sure every one of my belongings has a unicorn theme when it came to baby items. Her nursery is NOT unicorn-themed. She only has two unicorn items: a really freaky rattle that Carrie found (it’s anthropomorphic, and I know it’s just the latest volley in our ZvU smackdown), and a cutey-patootie pair of unicorn pajamas from my sister in law.

****** Wow, I almost forget her last name for a second there. My Amy! Baby brain is totally real.

******* For any of you still laboring under the delusion that SB is my gay roommate — I know you’re out there. Is it the nickname?

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8 Responses to Happy November! (And Morning Glory Giveaway Winners)

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  2. Connie Onnie says:

    Wow I can’t believe I won I never win this is exciting!
    I bought my friend some pj’s for her baby that said “sleep thief” I think that is a good name for a baby.

  3. Alexa says:

    Enjoy you’re droid while you can, soon the baby currently known as Snapdragon will think it belongs to her.

    Glad you’re well, I miss you blogging too 🙂

  4. PurpleRanger says:

    Has something (or maybe someONE) been demanding too much of your attention lately? 🙂

    Now, if I were to suggest a unicorn-themed name for the little one, I might suggest “Princess Prettypants.” (I really hope you aren’t drinking anything as you read this.)

    But since I’m not, I’ll take a different thread. How about calling her “Bugaboo?”

  5. Christie says:

    My two cents on VRS:

    I hate MacSpeech Dictate so much that I went back to typing (with a more RSI-friendly setup) after a month. It only really works for me when I am completely calm, focused, and relaxed, and it takes about three times as longer to dictate than it does to type.

    According to this review, however, the newest version is apparently much better, although the only things they haven’t improved are the two that caused me the most trouble: http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/23/finally-professional-dictation-software-for-the-mac/

  6. Tiff says:

    PR is totally right. Bugaboo is SO the right name for the little bit. I bow down to PR’s genius.

    Nice to see you back again, if only for a second! I miss your blog. But I got Kiss Me Deadly, Zombies vs. Unicorns, and Morning Glory for my birthday a couple weeks ago, so I guess I have lots of Diana to read. =) Excited to hear about new short stories, and other announcements!

    In the US, you only get twelve weeks for maternity leave?! SERIOUSLY?! And it’s UNPAID?! (sometimes it’s good to be a Canuck).

    Meh, just heard about the Frey thing, like, two days ago, and was righteously horrified…but I’m definitely the last to know. And I don’t even have Mommy-brain.

    Hope little Bugaboo is enjoying the fam. Hope you’ll post more pictures as she progresses. =)

  7. BookChic says:

    People think SB is your gay roommate? LOL. I never thought that, though that would be an interesting situation. I figured he was your boyfriend/husband. Though I do read a lot of blogs where the author uses a silly nickname to call their significant author. Also, it may have just been in my subconscious since I think I remember you asking Maggie Stiefvater what she’d call her husband on her blog at her Lament launch party and you mentioned using Sailor Boy for your bf/husband.

    As for footnotes within footnotes, I’ve seen Terry Pratchett do it in his books. Usually just one though, lol.

  8. PurpleRanger says:

    Actually, I DO want to hear your thoughts on the Frey thing. They couldn’t be any more scathing than what John Scalzi had to say. Although he might have been particularly scathing because of his position as SFWA president.