Heist Society Giveaway

Quickly, because it’s a gorgeous morning outside, and I’m about to blow Rio’s puppy mind by taking her for an actual hike for the first time since the blizzard…

The other day, I met up with the awesome Ally Carter on her DC stop for her Heist Society Tour. She sounds like she’s having a blast on tour, so make sure to drop by and see her if she comes to your area next.  (Think it’s just Texas, at this point.)

Anyway, we had a nice chatty dinner, during which, I’m pleased to announce, I was able to sate my kiwi cravings by eating pavlova for dessert. Oh, pavlova, how I missed you!

Also, I got her to sign a copy of HEIST SOCIETY for you, dearest blog readers. And I’m going to give it away RIGHT NOW. And all you have to do to enter is leave a comment hear telling me the following:

If you were a master thief, what would you steal?

Have at it. Contest open internationally. Closes Sunday night.

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80 Responses to Heist Society Giveaway

  1. Jessy says:

    I would steal superfast Hot Rod’s. I love cars and I love driving fast, so this is a no brainer.

  2. Kelsey says:

    I would steal as many books as I could fit under my coat 😛 And maybe a car…. just to escape though of course.

  3. Natalie says:

    I’d steal candy from a candy store and give it to a baby. It’d be so ironic.

  4. Raelena says:

    I would steal books! More specifically, ARCs. I can’t stand the wait in between books when I read a series 🙂

  5. Mariah says:

    I would steal all the ARCs of all the books that are coming out that I want to read.

  6. Brittany says:

    If I were a master thief, I would steal vaccinations from the African blackmarkets that rip people off and give them to the sickly men, women, and children who actually need them.

  7. Chelsea B. says:

    If I were a master thief, you would never know 😉

  8. Emily W says:

    I would steal purses….I love bags and load mine up and break them so fast! I would definitely steal bags, then I would never have to worry about it!

    GREAT contest, THANKS!!!

  9. Tiff says:

    Ok, honestly, everyone’s talking about ARCs and all that…but really, we need big picture thinking. What about AUTHORS? I realize this is more like kidnapping, but come on, who wouldn’t want to steal Joss Whedon, or Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, or Jane Austen, or Virginia Woolf, or JK Rowling, or DIANA, for heaven’s sake, for like, a day each for a good chat about what happens next in the TV show/book? It wouldn’t be like real kidnapping, it would be more of an interview about things they really want to tell you anyway. =p

    But honestly, if it had to be an object, I would say fine china so I wouldn’t get caught, like in Elizabeth Scott’s “Stealing Heaven”, followed by major shopping sprees. I learned from the best.

  10. Polly says:

    I would steal a copy of heist society so I can read it 🙂

  11. em says:

    two words Time Machine
    come on we all know there’s one out there somewhere. Preferably portable and with a long battery charge.
    It would open up the doors to even more theft. With careful consideration of the effects on the future of course. It would be both a time machine and a getaway vehicle. Need to get away fast, just go back in time like a day or two, move the machine and then go forward in time. Perfect. Think of all the historic events you could witness!

  12. Diana says:

    Tiff, you’re giving me scary MISERY flashes right now. 😉

  13. PurpleRanger says:

    Tiff may be going toward the scary place, but at least she’s thinking big. I mean, if you’re a master thief, you shouldn’t be thinking penny-ante theft. You should be thinking along the lines of pulling off an OCEAN’S 11 — single-handedly.

  14. jmspettoli says:

    Diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds. Big diamonds. Little Diamonds… anyway you get the idea!

  15. Emilija says:

    If I were a thief, which if you don’t actually know me is similar to my actual occupation, I’d probably steal something worth my while. So manuscripts are out of the question. I would probably steal the Sadal Mallik sapphire, because 1. Samantha Quick beat me too it. 2. She sold it to my uncle Enrique. 3. It’s already been stolen multiple times, so it’s totally fair territory ( as far as leaglity goes ) and if there is one thing a good thief knows, it’s that a really good one can live in the public eye but never get caught because no one can prove anything.
    Plus I really don’t appreciate my uncle Enrique taking the property of the GDM. Internal affairs I’m sharing on the Internet…I wish Christian would come back from Italia already.

  16. Sarah says:

    If I were a master thief, I would start off by stealing money from the rich and giving it to poor people, like Robin Hood did. Then, I’d steal the idea of a wizard living under the stairs from JK Rowling and be one of the richest people alive. The best part is, I would be such a great thief that no one would ever realise… by that time, I’d have so much money that I would then have to rob myself and give the money to the poor, leaving me back where I started. Then I’d do it all over again, but this time with the idea of a vampire who sparkles in the sun…

  17. Pat L. says:

    Tough question, maybe a very valuable painting, lots of money and George Clooney.

  18. Virginia says:

    If I were going to steal something it would have to be money at this point. After Diana’s post about Kiwi cravings I feel the need to try this Hokey Pokey ice cream… in its natural habitat…

    Diana, is it true that you’ll be at the Annapolis Book Festival in April?

  19. Blackwatch says:

    It reminds me of a French play, where an angel and a demon fight each other for possessing the soul of a dying man. Unfortunately for them, the soul is stolen by an anonymous man, whose sole aim is to sell it to the highest bidder ! I have always wondered which of them has won.
    But if I was a master thief, I think I would steal a time turner.

  20. Violet says:

    I would steal a vacation home in Italy (complete with a fabulous kitchen staff, please). 🙂

  21. Nina says:

    The Winged Victory of Samothrace statue from the Louvre — it’s gorgeous.


  22. Nicolette says:

    I would steal the Heist Society book because then even if I didn’t win this contest I would still have the book.

  23. Harmony says:

    I would steal the heart of the boy I’m crazy about. <3 I wouldn’t really steal anything physical because that’s just not my thing…i wouldn’t want to rip authors off.

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  25. Dani says:

    I would sneak in to all of the book publishing companies and steal all of their ARCs! 🙂

  26. Jade says:

    Though this sounds completely cliche, I’d go in the way of Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich (like they’d even miss the stuff) and giving it to the poor. If I was a master thief, conscience would benefit. But then, who knows, maybe a few hundred may just go missing on its way. I’m not all good :-p

  27. PurpleRanger says:

    Jade, you just reminded me of the theme song from WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN. This TV series was Mel Brooks’s first take on Robin Hood; made years before MEN IN TIGHTS.

    In any case, one line from the opening theme went, “They robbed the rich, gave to the poor — except what they kept for expenses!”

  28. Nicola says:

    I would steal time: time to see friends and family more, time to travel the world, time to learn new things like how to speak French and play the acoustic guitar, but mostly time to read all the books I want and to write a few myself!

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