Here we are in Ireland

I am at the castle. It’s gorgeous and enormous and surprisingly filled with modern conveniences, such as wireless internet.

And peacocks.

Picture of my crazy bed coming soon.

We are sitting in the lovely antique-furnished living room and sipping tea while Holly and Sarah Rees Brennan build a fire.

Try to build a fire.

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6 Responses to Here we are in Ireland

  1. Jealousy doesn’t quite capture what I’m feeling right now. Have a fabulous time!

  2. Isn’t there a spare dragon around that Holly and Sarah can enlist to light the fire?

    Have a fabulous time in the castle!


  3. Patrick says:

    When do you have reward challenges and immunity challenges? Do you have a good alliance that will keep you in the castle?

  4. I would like to assure everyone that with the help of firestarters, we built the heck out of that fire eventually…

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